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Our book discussion evening is always on the second Tuesday of the month, when we share views and gain new insights into our chosen book. This is a moderated discussion, and everyone has the chance to contribute. The discussion is often lively, but never gets personal! All views and opinions are respected.

We love to socialise and new members are always welcome. There's plenty of time to get to know the rest of the group before, during and after the meeting. There are some notes to help you here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/57qu1lw9mp27lp5/Notes%20for%20New%20Members.docx?dl=0).

As well as our monthly book discussion, we have regular theatre nights and social events. Suggestions for nights out are always welcome.

Anyone who loves reading books and talking about them should join us. Books are always chosen by a democratic vote. This often leads us to some surprising places, but everyone finds it rewarding to read books that they might not have otherwise picked up.

For a list of the books we have read so far, look here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/6r44pv6f49epbg0/Birmingham%20Book%20Club%20meeting%20list.docx?dl=0). Although there is a wide variety, we tend to mostly read fiction of a middle- to highbrow quality.

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Book Discussion - 'Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead' by Olga Tokarczuk

Strange, mordantly funny, consoling and wise, Olga Tokarczuk's novels fill the reader's mind with intimations of a unique consciousness. Her latest novel to be translated into English, Drive Your Plow Over The Bones of The Dead is simultaneously unsettling and oddly companionable. Suffused with William Blake, astrological lore, and the landscapes of middle Europe, it's both a meditation on human compassion and a murder mystery that lingers in the imagination. Everyone is welcome to join our Book Discussion Evening. We share views and impressions of the book in a moderated discussion. Opinions are often divided, but the debate is always friendly and respectful. The meeting proper begins at 8.00 and lasts two hours with a half time drinks break. There is more socialising time before and after the meeting.

Theatre night. 'A Guide to Being in Love with Jeremy Corbyn' at the OJS Theatre

Please book your tickets online here: https://www.designmynight.com/birmingham/pubs/birmingham-city-centre/the-old-joint-stock-theatre/a-self-help-guide-to-being-in-love-with-jeremy-corbyn?t=tickets. Price £12.00. Once you have your ticket then RSVP from this page. A hard hitting, intelligent, Performance Poetry show about Labour, Tories and the division of the left. When BBC Slam Champion, Jess Green joined the Labour Party at university in 2007 she doubled the number of members who met weekly in the Liverpool Philarmonic pub. Since then she’s stuck by them through the downfall of Tony Blair, the disappointment of Gordon Brown and the monolith of Ed Miliband. And now after a decade of keeping her membership card firmly at the back of her wallet she’s fallen head over heels in love with Jeremy Corbyn and his raw socialist magnetism but if only everyone else agreed. Following the success of her first show, Burning Books which received 5 star reviews both at the Edinburgh Fringe and on its national tour in 2015, Jess returns with a rousing, lyrical and humorous look at modern politics; a show which not only received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe but also saw Jess win the BBC Poetry Slam and led her to having a cup of tea with the man himself!

Theatre night. 'Vulvarine' at the OJS Theatre

The Old Joint Stock

Please book your tickets online here: https://www.oldjointstock.co.uk/whats-on/vulvarine . Price £15.00. Once you have your ticket then RSVP from this page. From the creators of the sell-out hit It's a Wonderful Life. Bryony Buckle is astoundingly average. Her days are filled with mind-numbing office work, thinking about lunch and lusting after Orson Bloom from IT. But following a dose of hormone therapy gone wrong and a well-timed bolt of lightning, Bryony gains superhero abilities and a brand-new persona: Vulvarine, saviour of womankind. Where is all the tampon tax going? Who is The Mansplainer and what is his evil plan? Grab your tights, your spanx and your most supportive sports bra. It's hero time.

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Book Discussion - 'Milkman' by Anna Burns

The Victoria

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