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What we’re about

Looking for fun guys and girls that enjoy having a beer or two and are ready to be guilt-ed/need an excuse to read more!

With the 100s of amazing breweries in and around Vancouver - let's do our best to sample as many as possible while trying to read a few more books along the way!

Each month, we will pick a different book and get together in one of the many breweries to share thoughts, a few flights, pints, and have a jolly good time. It's a great chance to meet new people, see new places...and read more books!


  1. There’s a waitlist for spots, can I just show up?
    No. Books and Beers have worked hard to foster relationships with the breweries we go to. To keep in good standing with these establishments, we have limited spots available each month.
  2. Why do I have to pay a meeting fee?
    The non-refundable meeting fee goes toward club administration and dues that are owed to Meetup on a bi-annual basis.
  3. What do I do if I can’t make it?
    Check the event page, someone might want your spot! It’s up to you to coordinate a spot transfer if you’re unable to join us.
  4. What happens if PayPal doesn’t work?
    While it’s preferable that you pay through PayPal, if it’s not working please contact Nicole through meetup messages.
  5. Do I have to read the entire book?
    It’s not necessary to read the entire book but it makes for a more robust conversation if you do. Kindly keep in mind that there may be others waiting for a spot, so if you join and don’t read the book you could be taking time away from someone who is eager to discuss it.
  6. Where can I find the book?
    You can find all of our book selections at the local library. You’re welcome to purchase an e-book, audiobook or a physical copy. If you prefer to purchase a physical book, consider sharing it around with the group.
  7. I’ve arrived at the meeting, where do I find you?
    We have a cool blue flag that makes us hard to miss, but if you don’t see that, ask the service staff. They are typically aware of all reservations. If you still can’t find us, most of us have uploaded a photo to our Meetup profile that will help you to identify the group.
  8. How is the book chosen each month?
    Our host welcomes recommendations from the group but also takes time to carefully choose selections from a variety of genres.