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Bryce Canyon National Park Service Project 2018
Year in and year out, this annual Service Project is one of the best things in my life. As a kid, I always loved Industry on Parade because it showed how things get done, such as how they get toothpaste into a tube. Likewise, I love how these Service Projects give a behind the scenes look at our excellent National Park Service. The dates: August 19-25, 2018 Location: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah - Sunset Campground. Elevation: 8,000 feet / 2,450 meters We will be camping and each participant is responsible for his or her camping gear, food and transportation. For those of you in Vegas or the Wasatch Front, we sure would appreciate it if you could give a ride to Bryce for those Austinites who will be flying in. Please let me know if this might be a possibility for you. The work will be tailored to your level of fitness. The most difficult work, which is optional, will involve clearing dead trees. We will be stacking what they have already cut into 8'X8' burn piles. There used to be 5-20 (Ponderosa) pines per acre. Now, since the NPS doesn't allow lightning-caused fires to burn, there are between[masked] (white pine and Douglas Fir) trees per acre. By removing the smaller trees/plants that fires would have removed, we will be reducing the fire hazard, and also restoring the natural habitat. Mistletoe has invaded many of the trees as well. This work is at Rainbow Point - elevation 9,100’ (2,775 meters), off the Bristlecone Trail. If you feel clearing dead trees is too strenuous, you will have the opportunity to help save the habitat of the threatened Utah Prairie Dog. In the meadow where they live at 8,200’, rabbit brush is growing to a height that obscures the view of predators for these prairie dogs. This brush needs to be cut with nippers. For our projects, the Park Service provides all tools and safety equipment. They will take us on a guided hike with a Park Ranger. We also anticipate a talk by at least one of the Park’s scientists on the research they are conducting. There are pay showers only a half mile (one km.) or so from our campsite. Here is a video description of last year’s Service Project by Par: A problem: Last year, like this year, people preregistered in order to attend. When preregistrations reached 35, Par cut off registrations and turned people away. Only 15 people actually showed up for the Service Project. So Par has had an idea to deal with this which I feel is brilliant: Ask those who are genuinely planning on coming to snailmail you a twenty-dollar bill. You put a sticky note with their name on it and bring the stack of twenties to the Service Project. At the Sunday get-together you ceremoniously return everyone their Jackson, and as a group thank those who couldn’t make it, as you announce that when you get together for pizza and ice cream on one night during the week, there is $80 (or whatever) in the kitty to help pay for it! I really like the concept and this should cut down on the no shows. We had about 20 Volunteers drop out last year. At least all the record-keeping you’ll end up doing might end up in a free dinner for everyone. As always, it is being sponsored by the Southern Nevada Group of the Sierra Club. It looks extremely likely that it will be cosponsored by the Austin Group of the Club. Let’s Do Service! -Stan Peyton [masked] 8408 Hanbridge Lane Austin TX 78736 (702)[masked]

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park · Bryce Canyon, UT


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