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What we’re about

It’s Boomertime is an organization dedicated to adding new friends, adventure, excitement, and fun to our every day lives. It’s Boomertime is one of the most active Meetup groups in Austin, with currently over 100 events every month giving members the opportunity daily to choose to enhance their lives in a variety of ways.  We are fortunate to have the assistance of numerous "Event Hosts" who regularly post a wide variety of events: hiking, happy hours, dining, sports events, dancing, live music, arts, daytrips, campouts, yoga, gallery tours, movies, theater, game nights, festivals, holiday parties and a whole lot more.  You are sure to find some events and some great friendly people to enjoy those events with.   As a member you are invited to pursue becoming an "Event Host" and/or "Event Organizer" and share your ideas of fun and happiness with others.  Hosting an event is one of the best ways to get to know new people and make new friends.

HISTORY:  It's Boomertime was started about ten years ago for people born after World War II, hence, the Baby Boomer name derivative.  People aged, at that time, in their late 40's to 60"s qualified as Baby Boomers.  Most of our members today are in their 40's and 70's, and, if you enjoy hanging with fun folks in that age range, you are welcome at Boomertime. 

CODE OF CONDUCT:  All are welcome in Boomertime as long as he or she respects the right of others to be different, have different goals, or have different ideas on life.  We promote all the things that bring us together and discourage things that divide us, or, drive us apart.   We do not allow promotion of products, services, special interest groups, politics, or a particular religion.   These areas cause controversy and discontent and interfere with fun and happiness which is what we are about.  There are plenty of places to go for these areas of life, but, Boomertime is designed to be the one place in today's society free from controversy, drama, and opinionated discourse.   All comments and postings in Boomertime must be positive in nature and be related to Boomertime Events.  Let's all get together and enjoy the good, the happy, and the fun.  Our goal is that every member should feel at home and comfortable at Boomertime events regardless of personal preferences.

NOTICE OF ASSUMED RISK: Meetup, Inc. and "It’s Boomertime" do NOT maintain health, auto, home, life, accident, or any other insurance policies applicable to members of "It’s Boomertime". This is a notice to you that risks associated with your participation in "It’s Boomertime" events, and participation of your guests in "It’s Boomertime" events, are solely your individual responsibility.  Attendance at an "It's Boomertime" event is your acknowledgement that you understand that you assume all risk, and that you release "It's Boomertime" and members of "It's Boomertime" from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, or death.  "It's Boomertime" urges members to obtain insurance BEFORE participating in "It's Boomertime" events if you feel it necessary to have insurance applicable to such participation. Please be advised that by joining It's Boomertime, you are agreeing to be photographed and filmed at events. You may however contact event hosts, requesting the removal of individual photos from public view. From time to time, we will request a contribution no more than $10 to help support some of the expenses of our activities.

PROFILE PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: It's Boomertime requires that all members submit a clear, single and recent headshot photo. This photo will then be posted to their profile. This assists hosts and other members to make your acquaintance, especially, if you are new to the group.  We will only approve single headshot images. Avatars, inanimate objects, pets, groups of people, etc. will not be a suitable substitutions.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING:  There can be no marketing of an individual’s or of a commercial business, service, or any for any event created specifically for profit by such.  It’s Boomertime events may require, from time to time, additional charges for attendance to cover the costs associated with nominal expenses incurred in hosting the event.  Such events such as the Annual Holiday Gala, the Spring Fling, Birthday Celebration meetups, Party Barges, etc., would be examples of such events.  Other than those types of events, the only costs associated with any particular meetup hosted by Boomertime would be tickets or charges incurred by the venue.  Examples of this would be music concerts, cover fees, personal dinning and drinking expenses, commercial or public transportation cost associated with attending a meetup.