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Morning Hikes in Barton Creek Green Belt

Hosted by It's Boomertime!

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Dennis' House

4404 Travis Country Circle A1 · Austin, TX

How to find us

I'm in the first unit in the first building on the left when you come up the driveway. There's an American flag on the garage. Park in my driveway or on the street

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I’m initiating an early morning hike for Boomers in Barton Creek Green Belt. We will meet in Travis Country (South Austin) at my condo or at trailheads nearby. I can lead hikes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and occasionally Sunday. I plan to start at 8:30 am or earlier for the summer.

Hikes will last about 2 hours, in which time we can cover approximately 5 miles, depending on the trails. I would say the average will be about 3 - 4 miles in about 1¾ hours. Health pros recommend at least one hour per day of a semi-vigorous exercise for long term health.

Our goal is to have FUN and stay healthy. It is not to set distance or climbing records. Communing with nature and hanging out with like minded people should be physically and spiritually rewarding.

I hike or ride my mountain bike almost everyday, rain or shine, day and nite, on the same trails we will explore. Some of these trails are steep, rooty and rocky (technical), the main creek trail is smooth. There may also be water and yucky mud. Fortunately, the trails we will use are predominantly within the canopy and temperatures are considerably cooler starting out.

We may start off on easier trails and work progressively towards the tougher stuff, depending on the group. We can also lengthen hike distance over time. If you are new to trail hiking please tell me and I’ll help you acclimate as we go. If you have balance or health issues this group is probably not for you.

Especially at this time of year proper preparation is essential. You should bring water (enough for your dog too), and consider a snack, hat, walking stick, sunscreen, bug spray and light weight clothing that “wicks.” I wear water-proof hiking boots with light-weight wool socks all the time for foot protection and stability. Part of the joy of a successful activity is having the right equipment.

My dogs Boomer and Todd hike with me. They do not mountain bike. If you have a dog that can be off-leash by all means bring it. I do not recommend leashed dogs as some of the technical trails can be hazardous to you.

I’m hope there are a few Boomers out there who are able join me and the boys on our joyful exploration of Austin’s great Barton Creek Green Belt. We love company and welcome all comers!

PS – Afterwards we can have cold drinks and healthy snacks at my house. I will have plenty of dry towels ready! You might also want to bring some dry clothes.