Past Meetup

Walk the Mall, plus Farmer's Market


It's hot; let's do our walking inside in the cool air. We will meet at 9:45, for departure promptly at 10 AM. We will walk around the mall three times or so, in about 45 min., and explore the secret subterranean lounge. Then we will go outside, to see the Farmer's Market. They will have live music, tempting vegetables, and high priced meat.

We will meet at the food court, two tables away from the Chik-fil-A stand. To be sure you have the right group, use the method the spies use: Ask "Are you chicken?" Then assuming you have addressed us and not Marty McFly, we will answer, "The cock crows at midnight". Do not go with anyone who does not know when the cock crows, you never know what might happen.