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What is the Shift Momentum Mastermind Group?

Every month we come together and ask questions of each other's challenges to better understand them, we then offer solutions in the form of "If this was my challenge I would..", the solutions are not any of the following:

My service or product will do that for you X

Judgemental X

This form of networking is about support and growth, there will be no selling but collaborations are aloud :)

Bring the challenge that your business is facing to the event and, as a group; we will brainstorm solutions and work together to help your business as well as the others in the room. This is how it works…

Step 1: Tell us your challenge. It can be as specific or unique to your business as it needs to be. It's your challenge after all.

Step 2: We systematically go around the room allowing everyone to ask questions that help to understand the challenge better. For example, if the challenge was “I am not sure how to charge more for my services" you may be asked "What is your current capacity?" or "What value are you offering?"

Step 3: Once we've completed the questioning, your problem becomes everyone else's problem. Which means, we go around the room again and invite everyone the opportunity to offer solutions to the challenge, e.g. "If this was my problem, I would....", which is extremely powerful and beneficial for you. It also removes the judgemental, pitchy approach that traditional support often brings.

What are the real benefits for me and my business?

Whatever it is that is holding you back right now, you will leave a number of ideas to help you move forward. There are no sales pitches, but there will be a variety of experiences and industries in the room, all there to help you.

What does it cost?
£10 (inc breakfast roll, tea and coffee)

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