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Googler Yufeng Gao talks about TPU3 and Coding the 7 Steps of Machine Learning
PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO REGISTER: This is going to be a great session - Learning what it takes to code with Tensorflow and learn about to special purpose hardware designed and built by Google to accelerate the execution of machine learning models. We are coorganizing with GDG Boston, Boston Android, Boston Java and Boston AI. CODING THE 7 STEPS OF MACHINE LEARNING Machine learning has gained a lot of attention as the next big thing. But what is it, really, and how can we use it? In this talk, you'll learn the meaning behind buzzwords like hyperparameter tuning, and see the code behind each step of machine learning. This talk will help demystify the "magic" behind machine learning. You'll come away with a foundation that you can build on, and an understanding of the tools to build with! TENSOR PROCESSING UNITS: HOW TPUs ENABLE THE NEXT GENERATION OF AFFORDABLE AI Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) are the next wave of compute for machine learning workloads, and these accelerators are revolutionizing how machine learning training and inference is done. Come, learn the history behind the TPU, what the latest TPUs can do, and how you can take advantage of TPUs today. SPEAKER - YUFENG GAU GOOGLE ENGINEER Yufeng is a Developer Advocate for machine learning on Google Cloud Platform, where he is working to make machine learning more understandable and usable for all. He is the creator of AI Adventures, a YouTube series about the art, science, and tools of machine learning, at He enjoys hearing about new and interesting applications of machine learning, share your use case with him on Twitter @YufengG


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