What we're about

Are you working on a side project on nights and weekends?

It can be tough to stay motivated when you already have a full day of work or school. And, you can search the Internet for hours for next steps.

This Meetup intends to create a community of people building their side hustles in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and beyond.

What qualifies as a side hustle, you might ask?

A 'side hustle' is an independent project focused around developing products, services, or content.

It isn't...
-driving for Uber to make money on the side
-working a second job

It is...
- a product or service that you want to turn into a 2nd income stream
- a brand you are developing
- a startup you are building

This Meetup group offers networking and interviews with entrepreneurs who have found success with little or no investment capital. They worked on their venture on the side while taking classes or holding a day job, and grew it enough to go full time. They are where YOU can be in the near future - with a strong dose of dedication, and creativity.

Even if you have not started yet, you are welcome to join! But be prepared... we are going to hold each other accountable for advancing our companies.

One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to make a public commitment. So this Meetup will help members share their goals and work towards them.

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