What we're about

A group for people interested in talking about and hacking on Kubernetes, Google’s solution for scheduling and orchestrating containers at scale. We’re excited about microservices, containers, the distributions that run them and the solutions that deploy, manage, and extend them. Any skill level is welcome; we’re all new to Kubernetes and we want to create an open, welcoming environment for other Kubernauts. Contact us if you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring the meet-up. We welcome content and demos.

Upcoming events (1)

eBPF + K8s cost optimization + ArgoCD use case

90 Broadway

Two pieces of great news!

  1. Our next meeting will be hosted by Google at their fantastic office in Cambridge (read below for vaccination and first-last-name policy).
  2. As promised last meeting, we've found an eBPF expert to deliver a talk on what's so exciting about eBPF.

Plus, we'll have 2 other topics from K8s experts. We'll have food and beers again, but please RSVP so I get an accurate headcount.

6:00 pm: Welcome / snacks / drinks / who's hiring?
6:10 pm: Talk #1: eBPF introduction, w Rich Schofield
7:00 pm: Talk #2: Cost optimization with open source/free tools, w Andrew Dawson
7:50 pm: Talk #3: ArgoCD use case, w David Muckle
8:30 pm: Finish (or stick around to chat)

Speakers & topics

eBPF introduction, w Rich Schofield

Rich Schofield is a Principle SE at Isovalent, which is behind the very popular project Cilium. Isovalent focuses on eBPF-based networking, security, and observability.

With origins in the Linux kernel, eBPF lets you run sandboxed programs within an operating system's kernel. It is used to safely and efficiently extend kernel capabilities without requiring to change source code or load kernel modules. If you aren't aware of eBPF, this is a very exciting talk to catch.

Cost optimization with open source/free tools, w Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson, currently a Solutions Engineer at Kubecost, which provides cost visibility into K8s workloads.

For many organizations, there is a good chance that Kubernetes resources are overprovisioned, and it’s often difficult to visualize which processes are responsible for this unnecessary spend. Andrew will share best practices for monitoring and reducing Kubernetes spend, while balancing cost, performance, and reliability

ArgoCD use case, w David Muckle

David Muckle is a Snr DevOps Engineer at Sonos who have super cool tech.

David will cover ArgoCD in the context of a real-world project he is working on. I always enjoy hearing from engineers working on a project because it's fun to see and hear the nitty-gritty details that inevitably arise during real-world work. Plus, Sonos make a great product that many of us have likely used. So, bring your questions for David!

Hybrid/Remote option
Sorry, this event is in-person only, so please join us in Cambridge!

Vaccination policy and First + Last name for office access
Google requires that attendees be able to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination. I need to provide a headcount and list of attendees, so you need to let me know your first and last name, if it's not the same as your Meetup handle.

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Linkerd deep dive + Security w/ GitOps + CI/CD tool talk

Red Hat, Inc.