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Multi-Cluster Networking + Falco + Resource Mgmt

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Michael O. and 2 others
Multi-Cluster Networking + Falco + Resource Mgmt


Summer's winding down and we're back in expert mode! We have 3 technical experts to share K8s knowledge, tips and advice.

PLUS, a few things
- who is going to DevOpsDays Boston? Isabella Langan, one of our members, will host a Happy Hour at this event, so be the first to hear about it
- we may have a few special guests from exotic international locales, and they'll be keen to hear your appetite and preferences for events in Boston next year.

As usual, we'll have food and drinks (thanks, Sysdig!) but remember to RSVP so I can get an accurate head count.



6:00 pm: food / drinks / networking
6:20 pm: Talk #1: K8s Resource Mgmt w/ John Platt
7:00 pm: Who is hiring? Who is looking?
7:10 pm: Talk #2: K8s Security and Falco w/ Shane Sorbello
7:50 pm: Talk #3: Platform Engineering using GitOps w/ Dan Donahue
8:30 pm: Finish


Speakers & topics

1. K8s Resource Management with John Platt, VP of Machine Learning at StormForge.

Kubernetes Resource Management introduces how Kubernetes manages resources using requests and limits, less common resource types such as ephemeral storage and extended resources, how resource settings interact with pod scheduling and the kubelet, and how to set resource policies at scale using resource quotas and limit ranges.

2. K8s native security and Falco, with Shane Sorbello, Enterpise SE at Sysdig.

Falco is an open source CNCF project. Falco is a cloud-native security tool designed for Linux systems. It employs custom rules on kernel events, which are enriched with container and Kubernetes metadata, to provide real-time alerts. Falco helps you gain visibility into abnormal behavior, potential security threats, and compliance violations, contributing to comprehensive runtime security.

3. Platform Engineering using GitOps, with Dan Donahue, Principal Architect at NetHopper.

Multi-cluster networking requires base knowledge in multiple domains: networking, tunneling, Kubernetes, GitOps, multiple cloud providers and API's, just to name a few. We've seen a series of "multi-cloud, multi-cluster" presentations over the last 3 meetups, each from different presenters and companies with different approaches. I'm really looking forward to hearing Dan speak, because he has that base knowledge and industry hands-on knowledge to teach us all effectively about this complex area.


Hybrid/Remote option

Sorry, this event is in-person only, so please join us in Cambridge!

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