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We are a group of multi-level people interested in the study of Philosophy. We sit around debating or discussing at length topics from metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and logic. We meet every week, meetings on Skype and at a restaurant (addressing the same topic) are alternating every other week. To join the fist time to the skype calls please send a skype contact request to Andras (skype id: "andras.pap", and be logged into skype at the time of the call). New texts are always discussed first on Skype, attending both or either of the two types of meetings is encouraged. Probably the best way to learn about us is to check out our past events in the "Past" tab on our "Home" page and our "BPMU_ReadingList" and "NearFuturePlan" files on our "Files" page. Come and join the discussion. (Don't let the background image discourage you.)

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Richard Rorty: Achieving Our Country

The Maharaja

Skype Meeting: John Rawls: A Theory of Justice II

Needs a location

Boethius: Consolation of Philosophy


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