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“End-to-End Scala” and “Akka Streams”

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101 Arch Street, 8th Floor · Boston, MA

How to find us

Enter the building from Summer St (entrance across Macy's, between Pret A Manger and Central Bistro). Take the escalator up to the lobby and check in with security before taking the elevator to the 8th floor.

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Two presentations:

Kevin Webber: Akka Streams

Pub/sub, dynamic push/pull, non-blocking, non-dropping; these are some of the concepts we'll cover, but more importantly we'll discuss how to leverage streams in a real-world application. Are streams just collections? How do I incorporate streams into a real world architecture? What are the benefits? These are a few of the questions we’ll answer during this talk

About the speaker: Kevin Webber is Enterprise Advocate at Typesafe, Inc. ( He is also the founder of Reactive Toronto (

Mark Waks: End-to-End Scala: a Case Study in Integrating Akka, Play, Scala, and Scala.js

Querki is an online database/website app written entirely in Scala. In this session, we will go spelunking into its code ( ), discussing the front-end Scala.js framework and the back-end Akka framework, looking a bit at how a Scala.js Single-Page Application works and how to use Cluster Sharding to easily build a scalable system in the back. The main focus will be on how the API works, using a combination of Play and Autowire to not just write a completely native-Scala API, but even propagate strongly-typed Exceptions from the server to the client. A particular goal is exploring how we can connect a front-end UI component with the correct back-end user session automatically, with nearly zero boilerplate.

About the speaker: Mark Waks (aka Justin du Coeur ( is a lifelong programmer; over a 30-year career spanning ten companies (mostly startups), he has worked in most of the major languages and environments at one time or another, at most levels of the software stack. He is currently bootstrapping Querki (, a cloud-based platform to make it easier to Keep Track of Stuff.