Scala and Rust SPLASH Meetup


This month we'll be having a special Meetup as part of SPLASH -- the ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity, which will be happening in Boston this week. (See for details.)

SPLASH is organizing Meetups for many popular languages during the conference. Since the Scala and Rust communities have a fair amount of crossover, and a good deal of mutual respect as languages that are trying to make real programming better, we've decided to try a joint Meetup so folks can get to know each other, as well as meeting folks from SPLASH who join in.

This Meetup is primarily a meet-and-greet for folks from both communities, but will include a couple of short presentations, one for each language. The Scala presentation will be "Functors and Monoids and Monads, oh my!", from Mark "Justin" Waks, a quick show-and-tell to help demystify these common bits of jargon found in the Scala ecosystem.

This month's Meetup is sponsored by Curriculum Associates --

SPLASH is giving us a small number of memberships for the SPLASH-I part of the conference (a $100 value) -- see for the schedule. If you are *sure* you would like to attend this, please drop us a note.

So please mark the evening on your calendar -- it's an unusual opportunity for some cross-pollination and learning new things!