What we're about

Welcome to Boston Sci-Tech and the Future of Humanity Meetup Group!

This is a meetup for everybody interested in learning, teaching and sharing all manner of things related to Science, Technology, and the Future of Humanity.

We won't just meet up; we'll party! We'll enjoy the pleasures of the senses and of the mind for as long as we remain full biological entities, indulging in the nectar and ambrosia inherited from our ancestors, burning them in an atmosphere of human warmth and kindness, all while celebrating the promises and preempting the dangers of our sci-tech civilization.
By the nectar and ambrosia of the world we naturally mean-and hopefully you'll agree, wine, chocolate, bread, and cheese, as refreshments will be provided.

Kind Planetary Companions of all species, orientations and persuasions are welcome! -even humans, though with caution.

Our goals are as follows:

1. Gather and unite people of all ages in the Boston Metropolitan Area that are interested in Science and Technology, in the context of our future -that means, the future of humanity, along with the future of all the other life forms that share the planet with us. (or better said, that we share the planet with.)

2. Educate ourselves and expand our horizons on many related topics through lectures and conversations given and moderated by scientists, technologists, philosophers, ethicists, artists, and others; i.e., the technorati and the literati.

3. Promote the inclusion and participation of women in all of our activities (as 50% of us are usually so glaringly underrepresented in these discussions!).

4. Galvanize the synergistic possibilities that will naturally emerge from bringing together people interested in Sci-Tech and the Future so that we can take meaningful and effective action, whether it's in activism, research, learning, or entrepreneurship.

Note: We don't have to be called Singularitarians. We may keep it, but in the meantime please don't be turn off by our temporary name.

We will have primarily three kinds of meetings:

a. Social and networking gatherings to just mingle and be merry while learning and discussing Sci-Tech & Future in an informal way.

b. Lectures followed by Q&A on specific topics; e.g., the latest on Brain Research, General Artificial Intelligence, GNR-Genetics, Nanotechnology & Robotics, Disruptive Technologies, Technological Evolution and the Singularity, Space Exploration, Fundamental Cosmological Questions, Existential Risks to Humanity in the 21st Century, etc.

c. A nice combination of a and b, above.

Please join and RSVP now, if interested. All (or most) meetings will be held at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) at One Broadway in Kendall Square (one block from the MIT/Kendall Red-Line T Stop.)

Meetings will be limited to 25 people -at least for the time being.

There won’t be any fees, and refreshments will be provided.

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