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Bostonwp Meetup

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Kelly D. and 3 others



• 6:30: Networking & Pizza

• 7:00: Presentations

Presentation 1: Helpful Tools for Your WP site

Ken Gagne -

WordPress makes hosting a website easy—but there's a lot more to website management than the CMS! From finding a domain name to troubleshooting a slow page to creating attractive social media posts, these 25 free, online tools will complete your toolkit, equipping you to solve any problem in and around your site


Ken Gagne is a technical account engineer for Automattic, the developer of He is also host of the YouTube channel Gamebits and the audio podcasts Polygamer and Transporter Lock, as well as an adjunct faculty member in the publishing department of Emerson College.

Presentation 2: Caching Checks

Jonathan Desrosiers -

Performance is something at the forefront of every site owner’s mind. A slow site will always scare off impatient users and customers. But how can you make your site faster without adding hardware? The answer: caching.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the different types of caching and how they relate to your WordPress site. If you are wondering how to improve your plugin or site’s performance, then this is the talk for you. Leave with an understanding of the different types of caching and when each type is appropriate so you can improve your site’s performance and conversion rate and start cashing larger checks.


Jonathan has been using WordPress since 2007 to build sites of all sizes, covering the entire spectrum of local businesses to enterprises and large universities. He has been a contributor to WordPress Core since 2013, and is a WordCamp Boston/monthly Boston WordPress Meetup organizer. He currently works as a WordPress Developer at Bluehost, where a majority of his time is spent contributing to WordPress Core.

43 Hawes St. Room 202 · Brookline, ma