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A monthly celebration and exploration of the JavaScript programming language. If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring please contact one of the organizers!

Keep in touch with us on twitter @bos_js (http://twitter.com/bos_js) and Slack at Boston JavaScript (https://boston-javascript-slackin.herokuapp.com)

We believe that everyone deserves a thoroughly pleasant meetup experience, regardless of who they are. Therefore, we adhere to the Code of Conduct (http://bocoup.com/community/conduct/) and expect that all of our speakers, attendees, and volunteers will do the same. Please take the time to read it before attending your first meetup!

Additionally, please refrain from posting job listings or unsolicited proprietary resources. Any posts or communication that violate this will be flagged as inappropriate and deleted. Now we have a dedicated slack channel called #jobs.

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BostonJS - The power of Postman & Machine Powered Refactoring

Welcome to the May edition of BostonJS! Thank you to Slalom for sponsoring and hosting! Thanks for providing us with the food and drinks! We are having 2 wonderful speakers - Brian Arsenault and Amal Hussein! ⏰ SCHEDULE ⏰ 6:00 - 6:40 pm Welcome, networking! 6:40 - 6:50 pm Opening notes, previewing contestants 6:50 - 8:10 pm Talks 8:10 - 8:30 pm Networking, Bye! 🗣 SPEAKERS 🗣 🎤 "Neither snow nor rain..." - The power of Postman Brian Arsenault - Senior Software Engineer @barseno(https://twitter.com/barseno) A concise overview of what's possible by using all of the features in Postman, the API development environment. Brian is a full-stack software engineer who has experience at every point in the paper product supply chain, and a cheerful ambition to find the simplest feasible solutions to problems. Juggles and jams out! 🎤 Machine Powered Refactoring: Leverage AST's to Push your Legacy Code (& the Web) Forward Amal Hussein - Sr Open Web Engineer @nomadtechie(https://twitter.com/@nomadtechie) Web apps are evolving targets which show their age via varying degrees of code cruft. And that's ok. Tech debt is an expected side-effect of living production web apps, and the challenge lies in paying down the debt while still pushing forward. Enter Abstract Syntax Tree’s... AST’s enable developers to parse input code into a predictable tree data structure that can be easily traversed, manipulated and then regenerated in place. Transpilers such as BabelJS use this powerful pattern to transpile ES2015+ down to a baseline of ES5. While this 1:1 transpiling is the most common usage of ASTs, they can also be leveraged to supercharge the transformation of your legacy code to meet the conventions, libraries, and/or design patterns your team is using today. Amal aims to demystify this process by breaking down the steps of how to build your own custom AST based transforms. Happy Traversing! Amal is an Open Web Engineer at Bocoup, where she brings her background as a web application developer and passion for automated testing to bear on conformance testing browsers for web platform interoperability. She has built complex web applications, traversed back-end, front-end and infrastructure management. Amal loves community and is a WomenTechMakers Ambassador, organizer of GDG Cambridge and a co-host of the Web Platform Podcast. She also cares deeply about the open web platform and plans on using it to save the universe. ORGANIZERS Lina Lekova - Lead Organizer BostonJS Vinay Raghu - Co-organizer BostonJS Adam Conrad - Co-organizer BostonJS ℹ️ INFO ℹ️ BostonJS is a community of dev professionals and enthusiasts! We get together to talk about JS, discuss frameworks, new trends, share knowledge and make friends! You can join our slack group at https://boston-javascript-slackin.herokuapp.com. BostonJS has a Code of Conduct https://jsconf.com/codeofconduct.html

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