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BostonJS June Meetup

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Lina L.
BostonJS June Meetup


Welcome to BostonJS! We are a community of dev professionals and enthusiasts! We get together to talk about JS, discuss frameworks, new trends, share knowledge and make friends! You can join our slack group at

This month event is hosted by BrightCove and
generously sponsored by Scrivito!

6:30 - 7:00 pm Welcome, networking!
7:00 - 7:10 pm Opening notes.
7:10 - 8:30 pm Talks.
8:30 - 9:00 pm Networking, Bye!


"Client-Side Performance Timing, with the Performance API" with
Jeffrey Harmon @jrharmon82 (

Modern browsers have extremely powerful tools for monitoring all aspects of page performance, but those are focused on developers using them during development.  Browsers also support JavaScript APIs that allow you to get much of the same information from any client, giving you greater insight into page performance across all of your customer's devices.

"JavaScript Mad Libs - an intro to natural language processing" with
Jen Weber @jwwweber (

Natural Language Processing takes free-form text and turns it into structured data. With the rise of machine learning and neural networks, it’s easier than ever to do advanced analysis and search. However, the right tool for the job might be something more lightweight! We’ll cover the basic types of NLP, learn some common patterns for using the data in an app, and sample the libraries available to a JavaScript developer.

"Tensorflow.js: A Lightning Intro to Machine Learning in JavaScript" with
Kevin Scott @thekevinscott (

Tensorflow has arrived in the browser! In this lightning talk, you will learn the basics of how and why to use Machine Learning in JavaScript.


Jeffrey Harmon
Lead software engineer at VistaPrint, previously caching your checks on the Payments team, and now showing off all we offer on the Gallery team.
My focus has mostly been on C#/.NET, but has moved to include much for front-end work over the last few years.

Jen Weber
Jen Weber builds apps for science at BioBright. She’s a contributor to Ember.js, an open source, front-end framework where development is guided by users rather than any one company. She works to transform tech into an industry that welcomes new people.

Kevin Scott
Kevin is a desingineer with a background building and designing software for companies like Venmo, GE Healthcare, and Tenable. He co-founded SIBlings, a design collective committed to exploring the design implications of emerging technologies.
290 Congress St · Boston, MA
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