What we're about

Boston Linux builds community and local advocacy for GNU/Linux in Boston and Cambridge, through shared learning of interesting and innovative uses across industries, jobs, and users.

In a phrase: Applied GNU/Linux.


-Linux offers an open, low cost, user-focused, and privacy-first option for computing access, while the alternatives increasingly trend in the opposite direction. As computing power becomes a utility like electricity or water, this trend matters for everyone from the average “email and browser” user, to the large enterprises. GNU/Linux offers a solution which spans users, industries, and applications.

-As compute moves cloudward and DevOps takes hold, our touch points with GNU/Linux exponentially increase, regardless of professional field or subset of the tech industry. By proactively increasing our understanding of GNU/Linux, we successfully lean into this new dynamic.

So, whatever form a GNU/Linux experience may take, we want to take a look at it! Boston Linux contributes back to GNU/Linux through advocacy at the community level, through community learning.

Guiding Principals:

1) If you're new and willing to learn, comfortable but want to keep progressing, or an experienced dev willing to answer questions about your expertise and maybe learn a little too, all are welcome. And, bring a friend!

2) There is no such thing as a 'bad question.' If something doesn't make sense- ask about it! We only require that you be truly willing to listen to the answer.

3) Community Contribution: This is what we focus on. If you have something you want to present, ask to present it, regardless of your experience or background! If you have ideas for the group, tell the organizers. Boston Linux specifically encourages this mindset. We best learn by teaching, asking questions, and active participation.

4) We practice intellectual honesty, openness, and candidness, with respect for all levels of experience and backgrounds. Most importantly, we strive to promote a community standard for GNU/Linux advocacy and learning in metro Boston and Cambridge.


Do you want to help with the organization of the group? Please reach out, always things to help with.


bostonlinuxmeetup at g m ail

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Boston Linux at the Democracy Center, 27March19 6:30pm

The Democracy Center

LibrePlanet 2019, 23-24March19

32 Vassar St

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