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What we’re about

                                                    BECOMING THE TRUE ME IN A CIRCLE OF WE

The purpose of this group is to bring women together to support and inspire one another in living with greater awareness and intention and becoming our authentic selves within a community of others. When we do our own personal work, share with one another, and heal in the solidarity of other women, growth and transformation can occur more easily, and our inner lights emerge more brightly in the world.  When women gather together with a common vision, magic happens. The world needs our hearts right now!

It is intended for those who are interested in women's personal and collective growth and open to learning new perspectives, tools, and practices to feel our best selves in the world. We will learn how to challenge our limiting beliefs and what holds us back to live our true potential and purpose.  

The organizer, Kathleen Fox Redmond, offers and facilitates monthly women's coaching circles, as well as workshops and other events.  Kathleen has extensive experience working with women and girls in the field of personal growth and development, spiritual reflection, meditation and mindfulness, transformative practice, and soulful connection. Her approach is gentle, informative, intuitive, empathetic, caring, inspirational, and humorous. In each coaching circle, she will offer content, intuitive guidance, tools, and new perspectives, based on research, ancient wisdom, and current consciousness teachings. Participants will also have the opportunity for group discussion, sharing, collaboration, and forming meaningful bonds within the group. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for learning, meditative and active practice, shared conversation, and collaboration. All are welcome to attend. No preparation needed before each meeting. Each topic will be posted each month leading up to the circles. Please come to meet other women, learn, practice, and share our true selves with one’ll be glad you did. Kathleen facilitates coaching circles in various locations, including at organizations and businesses, schools, churches/spiritual centers, and homes as well as one-on-one coaching. Please contact her if interested in starting or sponsoring a group:    Visit her website at