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Global Azure Bootcamp

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Jason H. and 6 others


The #GlobalAzure ( ) event is a free all-day hands-on event where you can come and learn about Azure from local Microsoft Azure enthusiasts and experts, but part of a coordinated effort across more than 200 event sites AROUND THE WORLD on a single day. It consists of a day of sessions and hands on labs.

This is a BRING YOUR LAPTOP hands-on experience (preparation instruction are listed below).

This is one of two locations locally - the other is by North Boston Azure group and will take place in Burlington ( ). Sign up for either one, but please don't sign up for both.




Saturday April 22, 2016. Doors open around 8:30 AM. Event doors open at 9:00 AM and starts at 9:30 AM.


We plan to offer food/hot drinks for breakfast and food/drinks for lunch. We will wrap up before dinner.


Tang Center
MIT Building 51, Room 345 ( )
Cambridge, MA 02139


This location is generously provided by MIT due to the efforts of Olimpia. We have a great work room with comfortable individual work spaces. Please note there are some ground-rules from our host:

• We are planning to provide food to start the day, coffee, other beverages, lunch, and -- if everyone is nice to us :-) -- maybe an afternoon snack break.

• However -- No food is allowed in the main room. But there is a really nice space beside it available for socializing and eating.

• Each work area has a plug for power. Please bring your laptop charging cable.


Please enter the Tang Center (MIT building E51) from the following street address:

2 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA (,+Cambridge,+MA+02142/@42.3608886,-71.0859185,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e370a611d7fe19:0x4af660b979c896af!8m2!3d42.3608886!4d-71.0844944 )

Then come to 3rd floor - room 345

Direct link to Google Map from which you can get personalized directions:,+Cambridge,+MA+02142/@42.3608886,-71.0859185,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e370a611d7fe19:0x4af660b979c896af!8m2!3d42.3608886!4d-71.0844944 (,+Cambridge,+MA+02142/@42.3608886,-71.0859185,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e370a611d7fe19:0x4af660b979c896af!8m2!3d42.3608886!4d-71.0844944 )


Come to the Kendall Square Red Line stop on the MBTA ( ) and walk from there.


• On-street parking along Memorial Drive - this is a free option, but (obviously) spots cannot be guaranteed

• Paid parking is available under the Microsoft NERD building (at 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA), and this location is a short walk from there

• Various paid parking options in garages for local hotels and similar

• Please do not park in MIT lots

• (If anyone has any options or corrections to add here, please put a note in the comments)


Big thanks to MIT Women-IT ERG group and Microsoft and some global sponsors for SWAG. This event would not be possible without their help!


Please save time and do these things before Saturday!

1. Microsoft Azure Account. You will need a functioning Azure account. If you have an MSDN subscription (Pro or higher), you may already have an account; otherwise, obtain a free 30-day trial ( ) (with $200 of Azure services).

If you are NOT able to establish a free trial or use an existing resources, we will help you at the bootcamp. Please be there by 9:00 to have time to set this up. At a minimum, be sure to create and activate a Microsoft Account ( ) (MSA); we can help you associate an account with an MSA.

2. (Everyone) Install Azure CLI 2.0 ( )

3. (Everyone) Create a free account on GitHub ( ) if you don't already have one

4. (Mac only) Docker CLI for Mac: Docker for Mac ( ) or

5. (Windows only) Docker for Windows: Docker for Windows ( Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise 64-bit - install a trial in a VM if you need to) If you don't have a supported version of Windows 10, check the previous versions of Docker Toolbox ( )

6. (Windows only) Install Putty ( )

7. (Mac only) Install Git ( )

8. (Windows only) Install Git for Windows ( )

9. (Windows only) Azure PowerShell - Install and configure Azure PowerShell (

NOTE: We've been running Azure bootcamps since 2010, and this is the first time Visual Studio is NOT needed! Very interesting. This is because so much will be done in the portal and command line and in VMs.

`LEARNING TOPICS (in flux until delivered, but pretty close by now!)

• 09:00 AM - doors open - sign in at desk, grab breakfast and coffee, set up laptop, get excited, and ... IF YOU NEED AN AZURE ACCOUNT, THEY WILL BE HANDLED HERE == SEE ALSO PREREQUISITES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE LISTED ABOVE

• 09:30 AM - BEGIN!

• 09:30 AM - Attendees! Start your laptops. Command line hello world.

• 09:45 AM - Docker Containers in Azure (Bill Pratt ( ))

• 11:00 AM - Functions (James ( ))

• 12:00 PM - Lunch provided - no lab :-)

• 12:30 PM - SQL DB (Grant Fritchey ( )) + Lab

• 2:00 PM - Azure ML ( John Pelak ( )) + Lab (Jupyter Notebooks)

• 3:30 PM - Hello Xamarin (Gavin) - no lab

• 4:15 PM - (time permitting) AAD/Security & Command Line Exploration (Bill Wilder ( ) or TBD) + Lab

• 5:00 PM - APPROX TIME - LAST SESSION ENDS (we have a few give-aways)

• 6:00 PM - DONE! - probably will end sooner