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Wed Dec 2: Under Attack and Unaware: Turning on Azure's Web Application Firewall

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Join us ☞ Wed Dec 2, 2020 @ 6:00 PM ☜ for our next virtual meetup.

We are currently operating as #VirtualBostonAzure where Boston Azure ( and North Boston Azure ( continue to combine forces to provide great virtual meetups with speakers from all over the world. The group is run by folks from the Boston area, but as long as we are meeting virtually, attendees from all over the world are welcome to take advantage and attend.

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This event will be organized as a Teams meeting.

Attendees are encouraged to turn on their cameras and use mics to ask questions and/or provide their opinion in a respectful manner (the code of conduct is applied to both in-person and virtual events).

We're currently experimenting with different conferencing formats, so we'll be interested in your feedback after the event.

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• 6:00-6:10: Introduction, announcements
• 6:10-7:30: Bill Wilder - Under Attack and Unaware: Increasing Awareness with a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

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Under Attack and Unaware: Increasing Awareness with a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Microsoft Azure offers enterprise grade security for the platform and great security tools for customers. In this demo-heavy talk, we will first use the OWASP application as a foil to illustrate basic web application vulnerabilities. Then we will show how a WAF can be inserted in front of the web application firewall and how that can help improve awareness. This is not a deep talk on WAF rules, but more focused on why you might want a WAF and some basics including triggering the WAF and looking at signals.

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We are experimentally offering an OPTIONAL participatory component to this event where attendees can engage more directly with the material. As mentioned, this is entirely optional. If you'd like to just watch, that's fine. If you'd like to try it out, please have a web browser handy during the event. A Tor-capable web browser may also prove handy (for example, the Brave Browser comes with Tor).

For access to the the Azure tenant (up to the event) please provide suitable contact info during signup for this event and we will reach out to you in advance.

PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE SIGN-UP COMMENT if you have any feedback on this.
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Bill Wilder is CTO at Finomial which is a born-in-the-cloud SaaS company running on Azure, an Azure MVP, a book and course author, adjunct professor of cybersecurity (focused on Azure), and founder (11 years ago!) of Boston Azure. You can follow Bill on Twitter (@codingoutloud) or check out his blog (

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• Veronika Kolesnikova

• Jason Haley

• Bill Wilder

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