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Basic income is a regular income unconditionally paid to every individual person. Each week, the Boston Basic Income Podcast explores basic income as it relates to a different topic. We stream the discussions live on YouTube.


Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how the idea of basic income fits into the world. All viewpoints are welcome, especially skepticism. Respectful debate is encouraged. The purpose of this group is *not* political activism.

We usually meet via Zoom on Wednesdays from 7-9pm US Eastern Time.

The group organizes jointly between Facebook and Meetup. For more active discussion among the regular attendees, see the Facebook group.


The audio from our discussions appears in podcast form the next day.


Boston Basic Income is co-sponsored by the US Basic Income Guarantee Network (https://usbig.net) (USBIG) and Project Greshm (https://www.greshm.org).

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Boston Basic Income #126: Neoliberalism

Online event

Neoliberalism is often portrayed as an enemy of the left. But self-proclaimed neoliberals might tell you that their goal is to harness the power of markets for the good of humanity. That doesn't sound so bad. Yet neoliberal ideology is often associated with a failure to promote human well-being. Could it be that something is missing in the neoliberal understanding of how to use markets to humanity's advantage? Could that something be basic income? As compared with classical liberalism, which advocated a hands-off approach to the markets, neoliberalism recognizes the role of government institutions in setting parameters and constraints within which the market operates. Some people worry that basic income is a neoliberal "Trojan Horse" designed to trick the left into embracing markets. The point of basic income is indeed to help the markets work for the benefit of the people. So it could certainly be argued that basic income is compatible with the spirit of neoliberalism. But is it really a trick? Is there actually anything nefarious going on? For optional listening this week, we have a short 2019 episode from NPR's Planet Money: Indicator Podcast entitled, "Who Is The Neoliberal Shill Of the Year?" https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2019/03/01/699563587/who-is-the-neoliberal-shill-of-the-year Previous related Boston Basic Income topics have included: https://youtu.be/EO7HnMVXI_g — BBI #9: Inequality https://youtu.be/iMmtkOkBJ9E — BBI #40: Socialism vs. Capitalism https://youtu.be/R4xLZ1if1F0 — BBI #74: Say's Law You can access the Zoom meeting here: https://zoom.us/j/402968564 By default, everyone will remain muted in Zoom. We will start and end the discussion by going around the room to get everyone's opening and closing thoughts. If you'd like to speak at another time, click the "raise hand" button on the "Participants" tab. Alex will unmute you when it's your turn. Send Alex a message via Zoom chat to let him know if you'd like to follow up on something specific. Starting at 7pm, we will make introductions and establish parameters for the discussion. The YouTube live stream will begin at 7:10pm. The discussion will be streamed live at this URL: https://www.youtube.com/bostonbasicincome/live It will also be available in podcast form the following day: https://anchor.fm/bostonbasicincome Image from The Neoliberal Project (https://neoliberalproject.org/)

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Boston Basic Income #125: Labor Demand

Online event

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