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I love being surrounded by people who I can learn from and who are also on this path of healthy living.

Let's be honest, it's hard to meet people that have this mindset. We've all had people say "why do you take supplements, food is enough" or "why do you put Butter in your coffee?!" or even "Blue blocking glasses and no EMF's?! You're mental" Well, in this group you wont get that. Lets build a great group of friends that 'get it'.

Boston is not notoriously a 'healthy' city. Most people that I meet wish there was a community where they could meet other like minded people that are seen to crazy by all outsiders of the Health Optimization, Biohacking, Ketogenic and Bulletproof lifestyle. This isn't just about Bulletproof Coffee, it's about growing an awesome social circle with people we share commonalities with.

We'll discuss and explore the techniques and technologies available to optimise our health and performance, including proper nutrition, proper sleep, the right supplements, nootropics, biofeedback, meditation, neurofeedback, etc.

If you are a biohacker (or similar) and live in Boston, join the group, share your story, and continue to learn through experimentation with this new social circle in Boston! :) See you soon!

Sending you good vibes and well wishes,

Dasha (@_dashofhealth)

ps. Join our Facebook Group here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/biohackersboston/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BiohackerLondon/)

) (we're chatting lots about Biohacks!)

-------- What is “Biohacking” exactly? --------

Biohacking is a crazy-sounding name for something not crazy at all; the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves using nutrition, supplements and by adjusting our lifestyle and environment.

It's the future of healthcare and doesn't involve being a mad scientist or using any pharmaceuticals at all!

By biohacking, you can actually transform your mind and body so that you feel much more energised, feel sharper, be more productive and, overall, feel like the best possible version of yourself.

The main thing that separates a biohacker from the rest of the self-improvement world is a systems-thinking approach to our own biology. We track the impact these lifestyle changes make, with hard data (from blood tests and the likes).

It isn't just about Bulletproof Coffee or selling to each other. It's about growing this community and letting the world know that they are missing out on much better health!

Are you interested in living a health lifestyle?

Are you sick of answering your friend's questions of - "why do you put butter in your coffee" or "why aren't eating today" or tempting you with "it's ok -- have a cheat day..."?

Do you want to find people like you who are interested in optimizing their health?

Well then...... you've found your tribe!


This group is meant to bring together like-minded people obsessed with the pursuit of achieving an optimized life and superhuman performance, through biohacking (i.e., changing your internal biology or external environment) and self-experimentation.

This is about Bulletproof coffee, but also so much more. This is about a social group that you can learn from.

We are health fanatics and science nerds. We are the CEO, the athlete, the weekend warrior, the person who just started to realize their bones are starting to creeeek a bit.

So, come hang out, meet some great people, and learn some more!


What is biohacking?

No, it's not techy (necessarily); no, it's not illegal; yes, it is for the betterment of your body.

Simply put --- biohacking ( "hacking your biology") is a term for changing the biology INSIDE your body, and the environment AROUND your body to make your healthier and more fit.

For many of us, it starts with fixing our gut; realizing that we have food allergies that are causing us to be fatigued or just not operating at 100%. From there, people start to experiment with various supplements, or alternative therapies such as taking cold ice baths (brrr) or tracking their sleep.

Biohackers are people who want to understand how their body works so that we can take control of our health! After all, if you aren't feeling optimal in your health / energy levels, how can you be optimal in anything else in life?

In good health,


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