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A more technical meetup this time, the agenda as it stands is 3 - 10 minute presentations on how to do stuff in Go followed by Q&A.

Getting started with Go : Jen Andre

Ready to dive into Go, but not sure how to get started? I’ll talk you through the basics of how to set up a Go development environment (what is this GOPATH thing after all?), how to organize a new project, how to include third-party code, and give you plenty of examples of code and projects to reference when you’re getting started.

Building A Web Server In Go : Jiahua Chen

Many new Gophers have questions about how Go makes HTTP servers work, so here I'm going to show you several ways how can you build a web server in Go and why they all work.

Better than spreadsheets, but still in space: Travis Johnson

Heard of EVE online ( Lovingly referred to as "Spreadsheets in Space", EVE's market is very real, and very gameable; but as proud as you may be of your complex excel formulas, we have better tools. The market data is now available via a JSON REST API (, so I built a wrapper for it in Go! I'll talk mostly about the encoding/json ( library, a bit about data structure, and briefly about riak ( via goriakpbc (