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What we’re about

Are you an Onyxbird? "What's that?", you ask. That's our term for people of African heritage (i.e., African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, Afro-European) who love to spread their wings and travel to unusual, unexpected and interesting places. The Onyxbird also thrives on cultural exploration and tends to be socially conscious. Unfortunately, Onyxbirds tend to fly solo or as a pair. Very rarely are "flocks" of Onyxbirds spotted in China or Argentina or Finland or New Zealand.

The purpose of this group is to develop and maintain a Boston flock of Onyxbirds. We share travel tales, photos, food, music, recommendations, horror stories and more from our travels. We even schedule some "migrations"!!

Please note that this group is not meant to be exclusionary. It is simply meant as a way to encourage people from the African diaspora to travel together and experience destinations other than the usual ones (e.g., Caribbean islands, Cancun, USA, etc.). We will always welcome birds from other flocks into the nest with open wings.

How Our Trips Work

Each traveler is individually responsible for scheduling and funding their own flights/lodging.

Trip ideas are posted on our calendar by either the Organizer or one of the Assistant Organizers.  Once a trip is posted, a series of planning meetings are usually scheduled. These meetings serve as an opportunity for travelers to meet each other and collaborate on all aspects of the voyage, including booking assistance, roommate planning, excursion ideas, etc.  

Once you RSVP for a trip, physically attending most, if not all, of the planning meetings is strongly encouraged. However, if you are unable to attend, there is usually at least one alternative option available to remain updated about trip info (i.e. conference call, emailed notes, etc.).

Our trips are designed to be group oriented, while still allowing travelers to pursue their own individual interests in the destination. 

Come get blown away by travel with the ONYXBIRDS!