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PyCon Rehearsals 3: Helicopters and Open edX

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Jason M. and Ned B.


Join us for three PyCon rehearsals, sponsored by Wayfair and AppNeta:

Cheap Helicopters In My Living Room — Ned Jackson Lovely (30 min)

Using Python and a minimal amount of hardware hacking, it's possible to build computer controlled helicopters you can fly around your living room for surprisingly small amounts of money. This talk will describe the steps you'll need to take to start the ball rolling towards Skynet using a $20 helicopter and an Arduino.

Thumbdrive destroyer — John Jarvis (5 min)

This talk shows off a tiny hack to turn a Raspberry Pi into a thumbdrive destroying appliance.

Teaching a billion students with Python — Ned Batchelder (40 min)

Open edX is the online learning platform that powers It's built with Python and Django, and runs dozens of other online learning sites.

One Memorial Drive, Suite 100 · Cambridge, MA
8 spots left