Getting Started Testing your Python


Ned Batchelder will present Getting Started Testing your Python Code.

Do you have Python code that you know you should be testing, but aren't? Have you got tests, but aren't sure how to use them to full advantage? Are you not flossing as often as you should?

We'll start from scratch with a very first test, talk about unit test structure, how to structure your code for testability, isolating components with mocking, how to use nose to run tests, using coverage measurement to gauge test effectiveness, the testing mindset, and other topics.

Testing will never be easy, but it doesn't have to be a burden. Come learn how to approach Python testing to make it work for you. Pythonistas of all levels are welcome!

We'll be at the NERD as usual, come a little early for pre-schmoozing. Microsoft will be generously providing pizza.

Afterward, we'll head over to Meadhall for socializing over beers! The first round is being sponsored by InsightSquared!