Boston Python January Presentation Night

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A handful of talks, sponsored by DataRobot (!

Yuan Cao, Accumulator Generator in Python
I explore functional programming solutions in Python to Paul Graham's challenge: "Write a function foo that takes a number n and returns a function that takes a number i, and returns n incremented by i."

Paul Ganssle, Recurrence rules in dateutil
A lightning talk, perhaps about something else!

Zags Zagorsky, Passing by Reference in Python: Avoiding Bizarre Bugs
About once a year, I stare at a piece of Python code doing something that makes absolutely no sense; the code runs fine, but the output is totally wrong. Every time, this is a passing by reference bug. In this talk, we'll go through what passing by reference is (all the way down to it's underpinnings in C), how to use it well, and common pitfalls to avoid in Python.