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NLP Study Group Session 2: Linguistics for Programmers

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Welcome to the second session of Boston Python's NLP (Natural Language Processing) study group! This is a group where we teach each other things: every contributor chooses a topic that they don't know, learns about it, and presents what they learned to the group.

Our next session will be an overview of linguistic concepts that are useful in tackling NLP problems. We'll cover some concrete things (like how syntax can be used to predict ambiguity) some less concrete things (what is a word, really?), and a whole lot in between. After this talk, you'll be able to contextualize some of the work that NLP libraries are doing (and impress your friends at parties with some nerdy linguistics facts)*.

After the talk, we'll break out into small groups to discuss the presentation (and other NLP-related topics).

All are welcome! Come join us on the Boston Python Slack workspace if you have questions or want to know more:

* impressing your friends not guaranteed

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The Boston Python User Group
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