What we're about

Boston Tchoukball Club is dedicated to teaching and playing the fun, non-contact, co-ed sport of tchoukball. Tchoukball is a fast paced non-contact ball sport that can be played on any surface using two pitchback trampolines.

Tchoukball is easy to learn and very fun. What makes tchoukball different is that the team with the ball may go in any direction, not just one team going east and one team going west, and the defending team may not guard the team on offense or interfere with play. Tchoukball is extremely unique and easy to learn after five minutes.

Playing tchoukball requires the purchase of no equipment. It's akin to playing a gym class game. If you miss random games designed for gym class, tchoukball could be for you. In tchoukball you need to be able to throw and catch a ball the size of a kick ball but with the consistency of a volleyball.

Ultimate frisbee players, volleyball players, soccer and basketball players may find this sport fun.

As we are one of the few tchoukball leagues in the United States, we have been invited to represent the USA in international competition. If you've ever dreamed of wearing USA on the front of your jersey, please try this out.

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