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Botwiki Edit-A-Thon

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Stefan B.


Hey there!

This is the first official Botwiki meetup! The space, food and drinks are generously being provided by Gyro (

The details are still being worked on, but the event will consist of two or three people giving a brief bot-related presentation, and afterwards we'll add a few bots to Botwiki, or update the existing ones with more information.

No programming experience is necessary, the only requirement is that you like bots :-)

And you will also need a computer, if you want to contribute to the website -- but again, you don't need any special programming tools installed.

Sounds good? See you at the meetup :-)

PS: Be sure to join our Slack hangout over at ( (there is a dedicated channel for this meetup (

Also, make sure to read and abide by our Code of Conduct (!
Gyro Office, 14th Floor
115 Broadway, New York, NY 10006 · Manhattan, NY
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