What we're about

Let's share and learn about sound! Members of this group want to talk about and dissect podcasts, sound design, and sound art as well as the topics these forms raise.

We organize discussions, listening events, workshops, and adventures for audio listeners, sound gatherers, and audio producers.

This group is inspired by an excerpt of a "sermon" from Jay Allison:
"Don’t just connect with like-minded strangers far away. Radio producers are fundamentally dysfunctional. We want disembodied intimacy, which is a bit weird. We create detached connection, blind one-way communication. Remember to counter that.
Do something on the ground with people who share the spot where you live, including the ones you disagree with and that don’t look like you. Build something from place. The Internet promised to connect us, but it has us hunkering in our chosen silos. Interview your neighbors, and look them in the eye.
Maybe, where you live, you can introduce people to one another, calm one person’s fear, enlarge the civic space by inviting everyone to participate.
Don’t necessarily move to Brooklyn. Find a place you love and dig in. Make it better."

To read and hear more from Jay Allison, get lost in his website, Transom.org.


Past events (48)

Outside Your Algorithm Part 2

Needs a location

Step Outside Your Algorithm

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Let's listen to and discuss Blackout!

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Let's get together (online) to discuss Nocturne! 🌙 ⭐️ 🌔

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