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What we’re about

No geek jams at present, but a lot of the old gang are now playing at the RINO POINT JAM!

If you're an engineering geek kinda person and play an instrument or sing, come join us for an evening of music making!

We've got mics, drums, keyboard and a PA. Just bring your instrument! In theory, we can mic acoustic instruments, though in practice it's a lot easier if you've got something with a 1/4" jack and pickups. Amps are OK, but not required since we just run everybody directly through the mixer.

We play just about anything but tend to play songs that everybody knows (ie, pop and rock hits released sometime in the last 50 years or so). Songs are selected on-the-fly each night and we project the chords and lyrics on a big screen.

At any given time, we'll have a couple of guitars, bass, drums, keyboard (as well as violin, or uke or whatever happens to show up) playing and a few folks singing. We rely on players to yield after a few songs to give others a chance.

It's a geek jam so exotic electronic and home-built instruments are definitely welcome!