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Simple Moldmaking & Casting Class

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Simple Mold Making & Casting Class

This class will introduce you to an amazing family of techniques used to make everything from jewelry to engine blocks! Over the course of Saturday and Sunday afternoons we will learn how to take an object and make a negative copy of it (mold making) and then use that negative copy to make a new positive copy of the original object (casting). We will cover a few different types of molds and casting media, and look at examples of many more! The basic principle is to create the shape of an object in an easy-to-manipulate material and transform that shape into an object of a different material. As if that wasn't cool enough, the effort invested into making the mold pays off in letting you easily duplicate the shape many times!


Hi Makers, here's an exciting update as this class draws closer:
Tom and Bill have offered us the excellent space at Sore Elbow Forge for the metalworking! We will meet at the Makerspace on Saturday to work with cold materials, primarily plaster. Then on Sunday we will be down the road a block to melt and sand-cast aluminum!

This class has some important details to read below if you would like to join us for it:

• You'll need to bring 1 or more source objects! they should be small enough to hold in your hand, have a hard, nonporous surface, a relatively simple geometry, and the understanding that it will be at some risk of being marked, damaged, or destroyed. Good examples: A wooden carving, A 3D print, plastic happy meal toys, simple small hand tool, a component from some machine, A CNC-cut MDF pattern, modeling clay sculpture, key chain.

• Wear clothes and shoes that can get dirty.

• Please only rsvp if you will attend both days, Everything will be building as we go and these materials require time to set, dry, cure or cool.

• Because these processes require some space and use unusual supplies the class will be limited to 6 guests, and will cost $40.

(class is free and unlimited for members)

Please RSVP on this page, thanks!

Here are some example objects that would work well for the processes that we will use: small and simple objects are most likely to be successful.