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Much has been said about the times we live – by the world’s indigenous peoples, top scientists, and great prophets like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus – with many predicting the great revealing, tribulations and the biblical Armageddon are close at hand.

These times have also been predicted as the beginning of our spiritual transformation and the foundation of the great New Spiritual Age of Human kind... The age where truth, wisdom and pure love manifests as the ego, dogmas and our conditionings fall away. An age where the current material based world and it's false teachings have dissolved into the NIRMALA SANGEET (pure collective song) of the Universal Light Consciousness.

THE RETREAT - is a beautifulnon-profit retreat set in the foothills / Mountains - near Bragg Creek - 50 minutes west of Calgary. With a focus on higher learning, healing music, drumming, meditation, yoga, nature hikes and healthy lifestyle.

The RETREAT is for those seeking higher understanding of the ancient meta science of the Kundalini, Chakras, Nadis (energies of subtle body) as well as the Alchemy of mother earth, natural elements and divine music all merged telling a story of our evolutionary times.

No Guru or dogma is necessary , as our future evolution is truly about becoming our own Guru and master over - self, the elements as well as the negativity currently controlling our 3rd dimension world this cannot be done giving our powers away to False Gurus or dogmas.

Our collective goal is to evolve our knowledge and spiritual awareness naturally, building a foundation to help establish the new Golden Age soon upon us.

"There is only one truth of the divine light consciousness - our journey in this lifetime is to find it"...

Much Love & Light - truly Ishvara

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