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Welcome to the neuroscience of you!

Brain Basics is a weekly meetup group for discovering the wonders buried in those big, beautiful brains of ours. Classes are taught by internationally-recognized public speaker and cognitive neuroscientist Michael-John Bristow, who has been making neuroscience approachable and applicable for over a decade.

Ever wonder why brains get depressed? Or how to build willpower and stop procrastinating? Or why your brain can remember what you ate on your birthday five years ago but not where you put your keys 20 seconds ago? Or how schizophrenia and psychopathy work? Or why certain chemicals are so addictive? Or how to unlock the full potential of the 86 billion neurons floating inside your skull?

Together we will explore a variety of neuroscience topics, from the basic anatomy of the neuron to dealing with anxiety to building neuroplasticity to probing the nature of consciousness itself. Topics are chosen based on participant requests, and every session is backed by peer-reviewed research and fact, not hyperbole and wishful thinking.

Sessions are conducted Sundays at 1PM AST. Join us, and liberate that beautiful brain of yours!

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Practice: Anger Management

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to my recent move, we are exploring different class times. THIS WEEK WE WILL BE MEETING SUNDAY AT 1PM AST. (If you have any preferences regarding days and times for these sessions, let me know!)

For this class we are doing something special. For the first time ever, we are going to practice the strategies learned in a previous class! This week: Anger Management.

Using the strategies covered in last week's class on anger, we will use both pre-planned and real-world scenarios people are struggling with to role play and improve our anger management skills. Some role plays will be with the whole class and some will be in small groups. Everyone will have an opportunity to practice.

If at all possible, please make sure you have a working camera for this session.

All sessions are free. I look forward to seeing you! (Please only sign up for the session if you plan to actually attend, otherwise it limits the number of people who can get in.)

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