Neuroscience and A.I. ​​🧠⚡ Brainstorms #3

The Brainstorms Neuroscience Meetup
The Brainstorms Neuroscience Meetup
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If the first artificial neurons were inspired by the brain, A.I soon diverged to become a discipline on its own. However, evolution produced performant, ultra-light, energy-effective biological neuronal networks. Insects and worms only possess a few hundred neurons, but they are able to navigate, make decisions, adapt their behavior and communicate.

Through cutting edge techniques, we are now able to explore these natural networks in vivo, during the execution of extremely demanding cognitive tasks. We will describe fantastic encoding solutions that emerged from the brains’ biophysical constraints.

A.I. can also be inspired by Neuroscience, and Ramin Hasani, PhD Candidate in the TU Wien, will tell us all about it.