Brainstorm #8 - Brain vs Modernity

The Brainstorms Neuroscience Meetup
The Brainstorms Neuroscience Meetup
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Today, we have[masked] virtual friends, but we have to think whom to ask to feed the cat while we’re on a holiday. We can work 12 hours straight, without even leaving our home. We judge people based on their online presence and at the same time, constantly judge ourselves. The internet and the abundance of the 21st century changed the way we think of work, relationships, money, and ourselves. However, we still try to live by guidelines which were created long before these conceptual shifts occurred. Did our brain adjust to these changes? How does this influence our mental well-being?

To be able to see the matter from various point of view, we will have a panel discussion with a philosopher (Jessica D. Bicking), a psychotherapist (Dr. Herbert Gröger), and a psychiatrist to share their thoughts and answer to your questions about the anxieties of modern times.

As usual, the tickets include a free drink and the food :)

Don't forget to get your tickets:

6:30 pm Gate opening & Pre-drinks
6:50 pm Intro
7:00 pm Guided questions
7:30 pm Open Q&A
8:00 pm Startup spotlight w/ Pioneers (To be announced)
8:15 pm Neuroscience News
8:20 pm Networking
9:30 pm End of Event