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Many of us are looking for answers about life. Things are going fast and sometimes we need to take a step back and to look at what is around us.

I'll be offering you this step back. I'll organize webinars/meetups online events on different life situations you may want to understand better and find solutions that works for you.

The purpose of this group is to provide practical knowledge to help people who are seeking improvement. I will do meetups on different aspects of life: Love, Communication, Knowing who you can trust, Emotions, Ups and downs in life, Anxiety & more...

These tips and solutions can then be used in your day to day life and it is then that you will see the results!

These meetups are totally free and are based upon the Scientology Handbook.


*About the organizer: My name is Cyndie and I have been delivering seminars on self-improvement skills for the last two years. I started doing webinars a year ago to help people who are looking for answers and wanted to be happier during the pandemic. I've always loved helping people with the tools that once helped me and I want to share it with everybody who is interested!

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How to be Happier at Work and in Life.

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We are working a lot of hours every week and often for a big majority of our life; so if we are not happy at work, is it possible to reach a fulfilling life?

This webinar will give you the key information you need to be in better control of your work and life! We can always improve something even when we are doing well. If you feel like you don't need improvement, you could learn these skills and help others with it!

We will see these points:

· The cause of difficulties, uncertainties and failures at work and in life.
· Why you get tired from handling people all day and what you can do about it.
· Steps you can take to overcome exhaustion and regain your enthusiasm for work.

I am looking forward to seeing you!
Regards, Cyndie

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Understanding Others and Knowing Who to Trust

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