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Big Digital Data Vs. Big Creative Idea?

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Big Digital Data Vs. the Big Creative Idea?

The Future of Digital Advertising: Is Data the New Creative?

Featuring panelists from: Rocket Fuel, Barbarian Group, GSD&M, AT&T AdWorks, 140 Proof, DraftFCB

Entrance Fee: $10

"So long Don Draper; Hello Social Media Data Scientist"?

With the rise of companies like Dstillery, RocketFuel and Hadoop who needs to focus on the mass-market Big Creative Idea from the big ad agency as much when you can now geo-target personalized ads to mobile devices based on your customers specific interests and social networking activity? Can you really go another day letting your brand strategy stay in the hands of the nuanced, subjective and politically influenced Creatives? Isn't it time instead to turn your advertising over to the future - more into the hands of the data scientists who build and optimize campaigns on a user-by-user basis, in real-time?

Not so fast. Until recently, marketing strategy was mostly driven by the mass market Big Creative Idea linked to a traditional media first approach. But due to the rise of Internet user activity tracking, social media analytics and database technologies in recent years, "Big Digital Data" has taken a new front seat role in driving marketing strategy, putting consumer digital usage and behavioral data in the front seat of driving overall consumer brand and creative planning.

But, Data is Not the New Creative.

Are we ready, though? It's true Big Creative really can't ignore the insights "Big Digital Data" can supply anymore, but there's a nuanced fit between the two disciplines which today's economy demands be worked out for effective marketing strategy. Trouble is, the two disciplines (Creative and Data Scientists) often entail mixing *polar opposite personalities* and *approaches*. Yes, they butt heads. Creatives shy away from data because it seems to be detached from human behavior; and, creative detached from gut feelings is often a failure. Yet it is often fruitless for Creatives to design messages for media segments if planners aren't fully leveraging data insights for Creatives to easily understand their audience. As the saying goes, "Only the right creative message brilliantly communicated to the right people at the right time will resonate." But make no mistake, this new data trend can only go so far. Would a computer have predicated Betty White's advertising success? Or, led to the development of an entirely new ideas out of thin air that resonated across America - ideas only Creatives can produce off the cuff?

What You’ll Learn from Attending this Event

Attend our next brandh@ckers event to hear the voices from both sides of the table:

--Hear first hand accounts that show the realities of today's client and consumer needs to more leverage, merge, manage and innovate Big Ideas and Big Data together for campaign success

--Learn how organizations are adopting Big Data to work with Creative Ideation: Is it the chicken before the egg? Or vice versa?

--Become even more familiar with social networking data and how you can draw insights from it to inform brand strategy & creative concept ideation

--Leave the session with keener insights toward creating more compelling and persuasive ROI-focused consumer experiences and learn tactics to get these two typically *feuding disciplines* to play better together in the sandbox for results

Panel Members

Creative Side

--Adam Lau Creative Director at Barbarian Group

--Ben Bartholomew, VP, Associate Creative Director, DraftFCB

--Matt Rosenberg (, SVP of Marketing, 140 Proof


Data Side

--Mike Racic (, VP Director of Category Strategy, Rocket Fuel

--David Polinchock (, Director, AT&T AdWorks Lab

--Glen Sheehan (, SVP Group Creative Director Digital, GSD&M

(panel moderator: robb hecht)

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