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What we’re about

Let’s walk the nature trails around the Ozarks and Branson, enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air, exercise, socialize, and occasionally go eat after walking.

As a member or guest you agree to sign a waiver. This two-page form will be available as hard copy for you to sign and will apply for as long as you are a member/guest.

By joining and becoming a member or guest with Ozarks Nature Walks Meetup Group, you agree that the Organizer and Assistant Organizers are not responsible/liable for any dangers you may encounter/experience during any of the events.

Moreover, when you join and participate with Ozarks Nature Walks, you agree that the Organizer, Assistant Organizers, and members/guests are not liable if you, your guest, as well as any minor children and pets with you are injured or experience fatal injury.

As a member or guest, you agree to be accountable for your own safety as well as the safety of any children and/or pets you bring with you.

As a participating member or guest during an event, you agree to stay with the group at all times. If you break off from the group, inform the leader that you are going off on your own and agree to be accountable for your own safety.

Walking and hiking may have possible dangers, not limited to, and including irregular/slippery trails, poison ivy, ticks, bug bites/stings, snakes, cuts, falls, allergies, distractions, muscle cramps, sunburns, heat, cold, and getting lost.

By walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, ziplining, eating out, and participating in other activities with this group, as a member or as a guest, you acknowledge these and other possible dangers and agree to be accountable for your own safety.

What to bring during the walk? Check out this website on hiking: