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Break the Link Meetings are an ongoing series of expert talks on health, wealth, love and relationships, all designed to help you break those ‘old links’ that hold you back in ALL areas of your life!

We all have links that hold us back.. such as:
- Working long hours, exchanging too much of your time for money to pay the bills
- Insecurities after relationships that didn’t work out
- An unhealthy lifestyle which you want to change, but can't quite make it happen

There are many things that can hold us back. They manifest throughout all of our lives, though we're often not even aware they exist.

Break the Link Meetings will help you expand your knowledge from a range of experts and offer you the opportunity to network with link-minded people.

It’s about creating an inner balance and long term happiness in all of us!

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How To Develop Your Personal Brand

Rainmaking Loft, International House,

How To Find Your Direction In Life?

Rainmaking Loft, International House,

Scalable enterprise and cloud integration architectures

The Shooting Star,125-129 Middlesex St, City of London, Greater London

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