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區塊鏈技術及Breaker.io (https://breaker.io/?utm_source=asia&utm_medium=hkcommunity&utm_campaign=launch) (SingularDTV (http://www.singulardtv.asia)全新品牌) 的去中心化應用最終將改變目前的娛樂行業——作品如何獲得資金、如何管理版權、如何分發內容。


Do you know the new way of Entertainment Technology (EnTech)... Blockchain and Breaker.io (https://breaker.io/?utm_source=asia&utm_medium=hkcommunity&utm_campaign=launch) (formally known as SingularDTV (http://www.singulardtv.asia)) decentralized applications will eventually change the current entertainment industry, the way how creativity is being supported, copyright is being managed, content is being distributed.

This is a group for anyone interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, entertainment, music, film, etc. All skill levels are welcome. We started this group to meet other enthusiasts in blockchain and entertainment industry.

Regularly, we host meetup that invite guest speakers to share their point of views on both technology and entertainment sides. We also invite artists, filmmarkers to go on stage for performances.
At this group, we encourage communication, sharing, and learn and have fun together! Join us, become the first to know how technology change legacy entertainment ecosystem, meet artists, talk with great people, drinks, have fun, and a lot more...

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"Break The Stage" 搖滾音樂會 (HK Rock Music Night)

**注意: 此次活動必需持有有效門票,請預先到以下網址購票** Breaker X Drop'd : "BreakTheStage" 搖滾音樂會 "BreakTheStage"是由Breaker.io 平台上的音樂人演出的音樂會,3小時搖滾之夜,讓你體驗Breaker平台音樂人的魅力和熱情! <早鳥購票> HKD 160 <正常票價> HKD 190 詳情及購票: https://BreakTheStage.Eventbrite.com 想聽Andy is Typing...新歌"Don't Believe",請到 https://bit.ly/2VaCQMN **Note: Entrance with valid ticket only. Please purchase the ticket via below official event site.** "Break The Stage" HK Rock Music Night This time, Breaker (https://breaker.io) brings you a whole new Hong Kong Rock Band Show -- "Break The Stage" rock music show, performed by "Andy is typing..." - a rock music band as well as user of Breaker platform. Early Bird: HKD 160 Regular Ticket: HKD 190 For details & tickets, visit: https://BreakTheStage.Eventbrite.com Amazing Rock Band on stage --"Andy is typing… " (https://www.facebook.com/andyistyping.hk) (Listen to their new song "Don't Believe" here: https://bit.ly/2VaCQMN) ----About the band---- "Andy is typing…" is an alternative rock band from Hong Kong formed in early 2016, composed of Jky(Singer/Guitarist), Andy (Bassist), Manping (Lead Guitarist) and Kelvin (Drums). "Andy is typing…" currently has several released singles《Take A Break》《3:1》and《Seoul Pretty》which are available on multiple digital platforms like Breaker, Apple Music and Spotify. Ups and downs in life all go into our souls and minds, translated into joys and sorrows of our music. Life goes on, as their story writes itself. Thus they type, and will keep on typing. Andy is typing...是 一隊於2016年初成立的的香港本地獨立搖滾樂團。成員包括有A ndy( 低音結他手)、Kelvin( 敲擊/鼓手)、J.K.Y.( 主音/結他手)以 及萬平( 結他手)。 Andy is typing… 的主要曲風為Alternative Rock, 我們不能斷言自己的作品是“最好“的歌曲,但我們每一首歌都千錘百煉、花盡心思而寫,但求寫出忠於自己並獨特的聲音。目前已推出作品有《Take A Break》,《3:1》及《Seoul Pretty》等單曲,能在Breaker, Spotify及iTunes等網上平台收聽。 ----About Breaker (https://breaker.io)---- Formerly SingularDTV, Breaker's mission remains the same: to evolve the entertainment industry with a decentralized ecosystem that empowers creators and delivers fans a diverse collection of classic and original content. Using Blockchain technology, Breaker offer artists a global distribution platform to get their work seen, heard, and experienced. With Breaker, artist can actualize their vision without compromise and to distribute their contents on own terms. Breaker believes art is for everyone. Breaker is the catalyst. The agent of change. This is where the entertainment industry evolves. Because this is the new, ethical, transparent way to distribute creative work. This is where creators come to be empowered and fans come to experience a richer, more diverse collection of original and classic content. ----About Drop'd (https://dropd.hk)---- Drop'd is a music label in Hong Kong with branches in Paris (France) and Taipei (Taiwan). With experience of 8 years in the industry, Drop'd specializes in developing local talents and assisting them to bloom at an international level, with a special focus on Europe.

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