What we're about

區塊鏈技術及Breaker.io (https://breaker.io/?utm_source=asia&utm_medium=hkcommunity&utm_campaign=launch) (SingularDTV (http://www.singulardtv.asia)全新品牌) 的去中心化應用最終將改變目前的娛樂行業——作品如何獲得資金、如何管理版權、如何分發內容。


Do you know the new way of Entertainment Technology (EnTech)... Blockchain and Breaker.io (https://breaker.io/?utm_source=asia&utm_medium=hkcommunity&utm_campaign=launch) (formally known as SingularDTV (http://www.singulardtv.asia)) decentralized applications will eventually change the current entertainment industry, the way how creativity is being supported, copyright is being managed, content is being distributed.

This is a group for anyone interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, entertainment, music, film, etc. All skill levels are welcome. We started this group to meet other enthusiasts in blockchain and entertainment industry.

Regularly, we host meetup that invite guest speakers to share their point of views on both technology and entertainment sides. We also invite artists, filmmarkers to go on stage for performances.
At this group, we encourage communication, sharing, and learn and have fun together! Join us, become the first to know how technology change legacy entertainment ecosystem, meet artists, talk with great people, drinks, have fun, and a lot more...

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