What we're about

Hi! Welcome to Breathe With Me. This is a group for sweet people who want to meetup and connect with others who are interested in healthy breathing. We offer an holistic approach to efficient breathing, which will focus on our mind, body and spirit.

Breath is life. With each breath every cell receives oxygen. This oxygen is converted to energy by the cell, keeping it alive and thus keeping us alive. Less oxygen to the cells means less energy is produced by the cell, and we in turn, feel less energized.

Being stressed or over weight produces breathing that is shallow and restricted. These shallow, quick breaths signal to our body that it is in distress and the sympathetic nervous system goes into fight-or-flight mode. What results is pain in the neck and shoulders, increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, inefficient sleep, anxiety, impatience, panic attacks, as well as a constant production of cortisol lending to weight gain.

When the body and mind are calm, breath is deeper and cells are fortified by oxygen. We are under the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system, which produces a relaxing effect, lessening stress and over-thinking. More oxygen means we will have a sharper mind, more focus, more energy, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, lower cortisone production, and better digestion.

Some of the different classes, workshops, events and outings that we will offer are:

  • Meditation, yoga, pranayama classes (yogic breathing exercises), breathwork workshops, Vagus nerve exploration, sound baths, kirtans, gratitude emphasis
  • Aromatherapy classes and workshops
  • Dinners in healthy environmentally-conscious restaurants, fruit & veggie picking, picnics, potlucks, nutrition workshops, cooking classes
  • Outdoor actives such as hiking, and walking meditations in nature
  • Ways to sleep more efficiently using breathing exercises and essential oils
  • Challenges for weight loss and to slow drinking and recreational drug use

This group offers a supportive, judgement-free environment. Our team of loyal and dedicated organizers take pride in making everyone feel welcome. Come to an event and join our caring group of friends.

No previous breathwork, meditation, aromatherapy, or yoga experience needed.

Many events will be free. But for others, we may ask for a small fee to cover Meetup expenses.

*No-shows and last-minute cancellations put our ability to book amazing venues at risk. We have a strict 3 strikes and you're out for 6 months policy. You must update your RSVP and cancel within 24 hours, or that is a strike. Your event organizers and other members will appreciate your courtesy, especially when there's a waitlist.

Your ideas are always welcome. And if you want to bring blissful healthy breathing events to our collective...lets talk.
For breathing prompts throughout the day and healthy breathing education go to:
Instagram: @deepbreathin_deeperbreathout
Facebook: Deeper Breath Out

For Classes and workshops at Breathing Room: A Breath and Holistic Wellness Studio go to:
Instagram: @_breathingroom
Facebook: Breathing Room

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Upcoming events (4+)

Releasing Stress From the Body - Quick AIT

Link visible for attendees

What sucks for you right now?!
This is a monthly hands-on event, so you’ll be able to find some relief around that sucky issue that’s causing you stress!

Research shows that group healing in powerful. Although each participant will be working on their own issue while in this group event, everyone’s privacy will be honored. After the initial presentation, I'll invite all participants to turn their camera off and mute themselves for privacy while doing their own work.

What’ll it look like?
You’ll learn a powerful method of energy psychology, Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), used to release stress/blocks/trauma from your body. Working with energy centers in the body, I’ll guide you in releasing an emotional or energetic block, or limiting belief that’s been stuck or stored in your body/being. Take this time for your self-care, and learn some amazing healing tools that bring more healing and joy to your life.

If you find value in this modality and want to go deeper, you might want to try my group coaching sessions held on the second, third, and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month. Check out the calendar for more details.

What you'll need...
Make sure you’re in a comfortable space, have something to take notes with, and grab a glass of water in order to stay hydrated. That’s it!

ALL are welcome! Please feel free to share with anyone who you feel could benefit. This offering is donation based. A love offering of $5-15 is suggested, but definitely not required!

You can donate here: https://www.katethierry.com/additional-offerings
or www.venmo.com/KateThierry

Self-full Healing Support Circle

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Join our biweekly Self-full Healing Support Circle over your lunch hour. Nourish yourself with like-minded community and support. We always start with a quick grounding energy practice, then a positive AIT installation, before opening up space for connection and conversation.

This is a safe place to discuss anything about holistic health, healing, personal or spiritual growth, or metaphysical. Or anything related to the woo woo world!😜❤️‍🔥✨🙃

Let's connect!

Self-love Dance Party - Awareness, Healing, and Play

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All parts of you are welcome to show up and dance your boot-ays off with our virtual community via Zoom.

This is a trauma-informed dance party! We'll be focusing on connecting to Self, and all parts of you, with awareness, breath, music, and movement...in community.🥰 Think IFS somatic therapy (parts work) meets ecstatic dance, meets energy medicine, meets yoga, meets da club!💭✨💃🧘‍♀️❤️‍🔥📿

This 60-75 minute long class offers the playful experience of being with any and all parts of you. We take time to individually notice, and give expression to, whatever is going on inside of ourselves. Experience the release of any old or stagnant energy, and experience the joy and healing possible with deep embodiment!

About this class:
💃🕺 I've taken all of my favorite practices from all of my personal and professional experience in health and healing: dance, yoga, breath work, energy work, chakra work, meditation, trauma healing, and more, to create this trauma-informed, dance community.

💃🕺 A new routine and unique music playlist, including a variety of musical genres, is created each month.

💃🕺 You'll receive lots of opportunity for free expression along with some occasional simple, guided choreography. NO experience necessary, and everything in the class is optional. This is YOUR practice. Feel free to share this event!

💃🕺 Please prepare for this class by creating a sacred space for yourself to move in. Light a candle, burn some sage, use essential oils, etc. - whatever feels yummy!

💃🕺 Good hydration is a must, so bring your water bottle! Dancing barefoot is encouraged for grounding through the feet.

💃🕺 Wear comfortable clothing for movement - maybe that favorite flowing skirt or funky leggings. Wear what feels good to be, and move in!

💃🕺 Each class ends with a guided mediation in savasana (final relaxation), so you might want to grab a yoga mat if you have one. Otherwise, just come as you are! No special outfit or equipment needed!

Please note, if you’re not fulling feeling up to dancing on your feet, chair dancing is 100% legit! ❤️

A direct message with the Zoom info will be sent in advance of the event, to everyone who RSVPs. Be sure to RSVP at least 10 minutes prior to event in order to receive the login info.

This offering is donation based. A love offering of $5-20 is suggested, but if you’re unable to donate monetarily, a testimonial would be gratefully appreciated. You can donate at:
🙏 [https://www.venmo.com/KateThierry](https://www.venmo.com/KateThierry%5C)
🙏 https://www.paypal.me/katethierry

Write a testimonial:
🙏 https://a7wmyn6t4oq.typeform.com/to/IBcOnWiy?typeform-source=bio.site

Attending this online event is acknowledging that you agree to abide by these online etiquette rules.

Please honor your fellow participants by bringing the same respectful etiquette online that you would in person: wear appropriate clothing, be mindful of your background, and turn your camera off if you're not able to fully participate. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and will be cause to ban you from future events.

Attending this online event is acknowledging and recognizing that dance and yoga require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and that the participant is fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. It is an agreement to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might incur as a result of participating in the program. Attending this online class you are knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waiving any claim you may have against Kate Thierry for injury or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in the program. You are agreeing that you, your heirs or legal representatives forever release waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Kate Thierry for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts.

Light and love,

Gentle Restorative Yoga 🙏

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Restorative yoga is a healing practice. Please join us, as we combine meditation with gentle movement.

This practice is especially great for anyone living with intense anxiety and trauma, as it soothes the nervous system and moves us from fight or flight, into rest and restore- in the most beautiful and peaceful way.

*There is a $5.00 suggested donation for this class. Money paid will go directly back into our club.*

Yoga postures are held for 3 to 8 minutes at a time, with the aid of props to minimize any strain on the body.

These long-held, supported resting poses create the conditions for unconscious release to soothe the nervous system, correct poor posture, and release unnecessary habitual tension in the body and mind.

Restorative yoga pulls us out of “flight or fight” mode and moves us into "rest and restore and digest." Cortisol, the "stress hormone" production is also lessened and depressive symptoms are reduced.

Restorative yoga also relieves chronic pain associated with headache or back pain, as well as osteoarthritis.

Studies have shown that adding yoga to your daily routine may help boost the quality of your sleep.

💕In this class, we will start with some gentle movements to better prepare your body for the restorative poses to come.

💕We end the class with a short guided Yoga Nidra Meditation. This class is open to all levels and no previous experience is necessary.

🙏🙏Please have the following items for class:

Yoga mat (or a comfortable surface to lie on)
1 x Yoga bolster (a firm long pillow or a sofa back cushion could work)
2 x Yoga blankets or Mexican blankets (or two large thick bath towels)
2 x Yoga blocks (thick text books or objects of similar size/sturdiness)
Comfortable clothing
Socks and sweaters to keep warm

Eye pillow
Extra blankets/cushions/pillows

💕💕This offering is donation based. A love offering of $5 is suggested, but definitely not required. You can donate at:

venmo: wendy johnston @wendy-johnston-3
paypal: wendy johnston

Wendy is a:
*Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher from Vedansha Institute in India
*Certified Chakra Meditation teacher
*Vagus Nerve Trained from Dr. Melanie Smith
*Completing her Aromatherapy Certification at Aromahead Institute.