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What we’re about

This group is for every one who wants to improve and empower their life with the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing. It is an honour to hold a safe space and share this very simple yet powerful technique in a group setting.

Because Breath is Magic, it is a Medicine. It’s the gift of Life and it is Sacred.

And has the power to transform our miseries into victories.

Breath detoxifies, releases toxins and strengthens the immune system

Breath increases energy

Breath improves the respiratory system

Breath strengthens the lymphatic system

Breath releases muscle tension

Breath and the oxygen gives clarity of mind

Breath improves the cardiovascular system

It resets the nervous system

The breath becomes the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. Breathing, because it’s a sensory experience, facilitates access to life events from all periods of life, including the pre-verbal. Bringing events to the surface in a safe, controlled environment allows the breather to re-experience those events as an adult with an adult’s ability to put them into context and resolve them. And gain a greater understanding and awareness of who we are so we can feel more complete.

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