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BFPG - March 2024 - Property testing in TypeScript / Propositions as Types

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Hosted By
Fraser T. and Jack



  • 18:00: Welcome and setup
  • Presentation #1: Propositions as Types (Donovan Crichton)
  • Presentation #2: Property Testing in Typescript with fast-check (Dylan Just)
  • 20:00ish: Pack down, exit, head to Criterion pub.

Propositions as Types (Donovan Crichton)

This talk will introduce you to an alternative way to think about types and
functions. Under certain conditions your types can be logical propositions and your functions can be mathematical proofs. Proving a theorem becomes no different to writing a program in a (particular kind of) pure functional programming language. We will explore this notion in the Idris functional programming language and see examples of how proofs can be very useful to day-to-day programming.

Property Testing in Typescript with fast-check (Dylan Just)

Property testing is a technique for writing tests using pseudo-random data in a controlled way. It lets you write tests that cover a variety of possible inputs, while removing human bias and finding edge cases that you wouldn't normally think to check. This talk introduces property testing using the fast-check library for Typescript. We'll cover seeds and generators and shrinking, how to turn a unit test into a property test, and some common properties that can be useful to test.

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Brisbane Functional Programming Group (BFPG)
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