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Steve Dalton: Update from APOUC meeting

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I recently attended the APOUC (Asia Pacific Oracle Users Community) meeting in Shanghai. In this meetup I will give a summary of what happened at the meeting and my feeling of how Java is developing under the stewardship of Oracle. I'll leave plenty of time for questions at the end and any questions I can't answer, I team happy to refer these back to Oracle now that there is a reasonably good communication channel for us to ask questions of the core Java team.

Some things that we might be able to talk about that could be of interest to you everyone:

Java SE Roadmap (SE8 and up... Oracle are already planning up to version 12) Java Embedded Strategy (JavaCard, J2ME & Java SE Embedded) Java EE 7 (I'll try my best on this one - I do not use EE, but can relay what was discussed at the meeting) JavaFX What other user groups are doing Oracle Developer Days Adopt a JSR programme for Java User groups Oracle/Google Java/Android legal case