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// CRAIG MCDONNELL - MODERN MONITORING WITH PROMETHEUS AND GRAFANA Having greater insight into how our systems are behaving benefits all stakeholders but is an often overlooked and under-resourced aspect of software development. Luckily for us #observability is trending and there’s a new monitoring instrumentation library, time-series database, and graphing tool released every minute. In this presentation, we’ll look at how free open source tools can be used at every step of the monitoring pipeline to reduce friction, increase adoption, and bring the hidden inner workings of your applications out of the shadows… Power-up your omniscience! // ABOUT CRAIG Craig graduated 1st class Hons Computer Science from Swansea University in 2008 and has spent the ten years since solving puzzles for fun and profit. He has found his home at ForgeRock where he is component lead for auditing and monitoring. // DAN COOK - EXPLOITING KNOWLEDGE WITH NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING The reality is structured databases within organisations only represent a tiny portion of the knowledge an organisation needs. They typically posses Confluence pages, Word docs, a mass of emails and the legal contracts that underpin their business. Combine this with the vast amount of unstructured text on the web and you have to ask the question if you’re making informed decisions. This talk shows a way of summarising the information out there to help you find what you need. There won’t be any academia it’s hard statements, just practical applied NLP for the everyday software developer. // ABOUT DAN Dan is an independent Big Data Technical Architect. He has led the development of a Hadoop-as-a-Service offering and built software streaming frameworks long before the rise of Apache Spark and Storm. He’s well versed in the knowledge domain building applications on RDF and SPARQL collapsing many systems of information into 360 views of a customer from both structured and unstructured data.

Bristol Engine Shed @ Temple Meads

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Bristech meetup events are held on the first Thursday of every month (bar August) .

We invite two speakers to share their knowledge on topics from across the technical spectrum (with a bias towards software), including professional developers, company founders, academic researchers, hobbyists and creatives.

A typical Bristech audience member may tend to be tech agnostic (and certainly ‘tech curious’) since we offer such a wide variety of topics and are not focused on any particular technology or software.

We do not try and ‘theme’ our evenings per se, which allows for the interest of odd technical pairings and very often interesting connections/overlaps between the two topics. Variety is the spice of life for Bristech (as is the pizza).

Past topics have included “Kube All The Things” (March 2016) and “Robot Swarms” (November 2014).

Please note - Bristech events are squarely aimed at a technical audience and are not intended to be recruitment events. Professional recruitment agents are welcome in a personal capacity only.

Since the events are tech talks and not recruitment events, please ask permission from the organisers before making any "We're Hiring!" declarations either at an event or in the public discussion forums.

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