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Bristech meetup events are held on the first Thursday of every month (bar August). We provide pizza and drinks after the talks to give people the opportunity to discuss what they've seen and to network with other attendees.

We invite two speakers to share their knowledge on topics from across the technical spectrum (with a bias towards software), including professional developers, company founders, academic researchers, hobbyists and creatives.

A typical Bristech audience member may tend to be tech agnostic (and certainly ‘tech curious’) since we offer such a wide variety of topics and are not focused on any particular technology or software.

We do not try and ‘theme’ our evenings per se, which allows for the interest of odd technical pairings and very often interesting connections/overlaps between the two topics. Variety is the spice of life for Bristech (as is the pizza).

Past topics have included “Kube All The Things” (March 2016) and “Robot Swarms” (November 2014).

Please note - Bristech events are squarely aimed at a technical audience and are not intended to be recruitment events. Professional recruitment agents are welcome in a personal capacity only.

Since the events are tech talks and not recruitment events, please ask permission from the organisers before making any "We're Hiring!" declarations either at an event or in the public discussion forums.

If your organisation might be interested in sponsoring the monthly events please talk to us - hello@bris.tech

Bristech has a Code of Conduct (https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTtDsUhXq6FchZ8-eO7D4rdQ_hrB1Nw8AxnKiQUH3Bavz5OeTw1Y1TxNVPmkE1m8i-T6IBoe5dXSGlv/pub) for all participants in our events, both speakers and audience members.

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// Michael Tinning - Data in the World of Wind Energy Since the installation of the first wind farm in 1980, Wind Energy has grown from a wacky idea pursued by hippies and idealists to a global market forecasted to be worth over $130B in 2023, with an installed capacity approaching 60GW (that's 125 million homes). This explosive growth has produced huge volumes of data and along with it some interesting technical challenges. This talk dives into this exciting world and reveals why it takes more than a fancy algorithm to get the most value out of a wind farm. // About Michael Michael is an experienced application software engineer and has spent his career building simulation and modelling platforms and user interfaces in the renewables and aerospace industries. Although a seasoned software professional, his engineering background allows him to quickly understand complex problems and provide innovative solutions. He is also an experienced consultant having led large teams to deliver high-profile projects to the financial services sector. Michael and Philip founded Simmovation Ltd in 2018 before joining with Staffan to found BitBloom in 2019. // Panel discussion with Laurence Watson and Robin Abraham //About Laurence Laurence is co-founder and CEO of Treebeard Technologies, a software company making tools for data scientists. He was previously a data scientist at Carbon Tracker, a financial think-tank and Sandbag, an NGO focused on carbon markets. He has a degree in physics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Energy Systems from UCL. //About Robin


//Miranda Mowbray - A robust algorithm from 13th Century Venice This talk is about the remarkable and apparently bizarre algorithm that was used for over 500 years to determine the ruler of Venice. It turns out to have several useful properties that were apparently not noticed for centuries, and to have a connection with 21st Century AI. //About Miranda Miranda Mowbray is an honorary lecturer at Bristol University, where she helped to set up the centre for doctoral training in Interactive AI. She is a member of the advisory council for the Open Rights Group, and an affiliate scholar of Penn State ​University's Pilotlab. Her PhD is in algebra, from London University. //Panelists: Simon Minton and TBC


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