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49. Daniel Drozdzewski - Big(ish) data / Jim Morrison - Responsible tech future
// Daniel Drozdzweksi - Bigish™ Data Big Data has been selling consulting gigs, conferences and books for years now. You don’t even know you have a Big Data problem, but let the consultants in, and they will lift the floorboards of your organisation, and will surely uncover rising damp from where your data lake ought to be or where the firehose ought to terminate. In this talk we will examine some perils of Big Data, provide a few sensible alternative approaches and show how to embark on the journey towards Big Data analytics in a rational way and removing some of the hype. // About Daniel Daniel started his passion for computation in the early 90’s with the purchase of an 8-bit computing machine. After technical high-school and engineering degree in Poland, Daniel finished a pure CS degree in the UK. Career spanning nearly dozen of years has been one of moves through startups and big enterprises in diverse areas like rules engines, automated specs driven IT systems, mobile chat platform, online gaming and Big Data engineering. Currently Daniel is happily consulting with Scott Logic. // Jim Morrison - With great power... Our responsibility to the future. As technology engineers we have a significant role to play in directing society away from the dystopian future that AI and robotics could bring. Understanding that responsibility is important right now - because the impact of the decisions we make each day is amplified year on year. // About Jim Jim is owner of Deep Blue Sky, a digital transformation agency in Bath and director of the Bath Digital Festival, a week long celebration of local tech each October. A developer at heart his exposure to education, health and penal services in the UK has given him a distinct perspective on our role in delivering a more inclusive, robust society in the future.

Bristol Engine Shed @ Temple Meads

BS1 6QH · Bristol

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