What we're about


Your first session may be your last session. Play your hardest like it's a trial. Be the player that makes your team mates better. Be the player that goes for the W. Lastly, don't give me shit.

Who We Are
Group of avid basketball players looking for guest players to join us. We are of varying ages and levels.

What We Are About
Fun, sweat, camaraderie. Not necessarily in that order. If you like to sweat it out in a fun environment and enjoy a bit of friendly banter, this is for you.

However, as we have played together for a few months, there is a certain standard that we expect of new players.

Types of Players We Like:

1. Knows how to facilitate ball movement

2. Good spatial awareness and helps the team with excellent off the ball movement

3. Hustle, hustle, hustle!

4. Communicative and not just play well within cliques (we rotate line-ups throughout the night!)

Types of Players We Dislike:

1. Ball hogs

2. Slow and/or poor decision-making

3. Taking circus shots or playing hero ball

We have removed players due to a clash of playing styles and will continue to do so. Such decisions are taken at a group level.

Where Do We Play
We play in an indoor gym at Newton. Parking is free and smoking is a strict no-no. Food and drinks are not allowed (there is a water cooler on site). Please bag your own trash.

When Do We Play
Every Tuesday, rain, shine or snow. First player normally arrives at 730pm; first game at around 750pm. Games normally end at 10pm unless someone feels feisty and wants a bit of 1v1.

Why Should You Join Us
Our group is a curation of players and we like playing with like-minded folks (ie people who like to have fun, sweat it out and exchange some banter - oops we mentioned that didn’t we?). We want guests so that our playing dynamics remain fresh. As a guest, you will enjoy playing with/against 19 players who you have probably not met before (not all anyway). Be nice and we will invite you again if you like.

As part of a continuous curation process, you may be removed from the group due to reasons such as inactivity, lack of response and/or undesirable playing style. Hence, please ensure you attempt to come for games once in a while and PLAY HARD when you come every time. For new players, failure to RSVP for any sessions within 7 days will lead to removal.

Since we started, 19 players have played in at least one session with some becoming regular guests. What are you waiting for?

Thank you and see you soon!


1) We play till 15 points per game; first team to reach 15 points wins.

2) A new 5 will enter the game but to ensure a level playing field, we will split via a draft system. 2 captains playing in similar positions will be selected and they will pick players from the remaining 8.

1st captain - #1, #4, #5 and #8 picks
2nd captain - #2, #3, #6 and #7 picks


3) This will continue throughout the night. We had players staying on-court for 5 games straight. If you lose your game, then hard luck and play harder in your next one.

4) No subs allowed mid game to ensure fairness. If u really have to go off, it has to be due to injury. If you go off due to fatigue, your team will continue playing with one man down. We leave it to the discretion of the individual if he/she is capable to finish the game.

5) Respect the ball - player who had possession of ball makes the calls on shooting fouls.

6) NO CHECK RULE - To expedite game play, there will be NO more checking of ball except on the very first possession. All plays to start from side lines after fouls/turnovers/stoppages.

Playlist of games: https://bit.ly/2zlDudj

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15th Oct Tues Full Court Games

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NOV 19TH 2019 Tues Full Court Games

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17th Sep Tues Full Court Games

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