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What we’re about


If you're looking to play totally casual softball, you've come to the right place! BPS is a group that gets together as often as we can to play adult pickup games in the Bronx.

It is our mission to provide an environment for people to enjoy a day or evening of softball in a fun, welcoming way.

First and foremost - this is not your league. This is something different. If you're joining this group with aspirations of winning the World Series you're going to be disappointed. At BPS we're just trying to hang out and run around a bit in the process. This group is perfect for for you if you want to play without commitment-free, get some swings between league games, or just want to meet some new people. And most importantly we want to have a great time! If you are not someone who wishes to engage in our culture of fun and camaraderie then you may want to stop reading right now and start searching for another group. <br>

Groups typically meet on Wednesday nights at Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and holiday Mondays in the winter. Anyone is welcome to join.

If you are new to keep in mind that being a member is very convenient, and best of all, is free! Once you sign up and join the group you get notified each time a new event is scheduled. Then you just RSVP "YES" or "NO" each time. It's that simple! And it's even easier with the app.

The games themselves:

-Regular Lob Pitch with Clincher softballs

-Each at-bat begins with a 1-1 count. Batters will be granted one courtesy foul with 2 strikes. After that, the next foul ball results in an out.

-Leading off of the bases is allowed AFTER the release of the pitch. A runner can be picked off via force (he/she does not have to be tagged). The ball will be live in the event of an overthrow, and after retouching the base the runner may advance at will. Any runner who leads before the release of the ball will be called out.

-Tagging from any base

-Infield fly rule when applicable

-Bunting or tomahawk chop swings are not allowed, and if done will simply count as a strike

-The umpire may call an illegal pitch even if the batter swings

-Balls are live unless thrown past the border of the dugout or into the woods. If a ball inconsequentially trickles past the dugout it will be at the umpire's discretion whether or not to award bases.

-Outfielder markers may be placed 150-165 feet out, upon which the first four outfielders may not encroach until contact is made. Should there be a rover, he/she my not encroach on the infield dirt until contact is made.

-ANY foul tip caught by the catcher will result in an out, regardless of the height of the ball.

-Ground rules are established before the first game depending on field location/conditions

-Designated runners (aka Subwalkers) in lieu of intentional walks or 4 pitch walks. This means that if the batter is pitched four straight balls before a strike is thrown, the team may appoint a random person to occupy first base, and then the batter continues to bat with a brand new 1-1 count. The batter however does have the option to take first base in the traditional sense if he/she so wishes.

-Co-ed rules are not applicable at BPS. The rules recognize each player equally regardless of gender. <br> <br>

-Any batter who surrenders him or herself by turning around and stepping away between home plate and first base after contact will be automatically called out. The ball will still be live and play will proceed until time is called.

-Any person playing, waiting, or spectating may pinch run for any base runner, for any reason, at any point during play. <br>

-At Pelham Bay Fields 4 or 5 any ball hit beyond the fence counts for a homerun. <br> <br>

-Rounding the bases on automatic homeruns is optional. <br> <br>

-Players are chosen for teams anonymously either by two captains or the organizer.

-If players are waiting on the sidelines, games end after 5 innings regardless if the game is tied. The home team must WIN in the final inning in order to play in the next game. Otherwise they are considered the losing team.

*Please also keep in mind that posts on the site should be in the interest of pickup softball. It's not a bulletin board to recruit people for your team. For those inquiries please refer to the NYC Softball Recruit Farm at <br>

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